Vinnitsa foresters in 2014 received from hunting 2 million

According to Vinnitsa Forestry and Hunting Administration for 2014 Enterprise Regional Forestry and Hunting spent on health and reproduction of hunting fauna 783 thousand. USD. But revenues from hunting economic activities were almost 2 million. YesExtremely self-sufficiency hunting in SE "Mogilev-Podolsky forestry" - 122% (director Ishchuk VM), " Dashivske DLMH " - 110% (Kavunenko VV), " Kryzhopolsky Forestry " - 108% (Tsymbaliuk VV), "Tulchynske LMG" - 101% (Polishchuk VV). The main sources of revenue for hunting are: - Providing maximalno possible service during hunting; - Of individual hunting with guaranteed results, aimed exclusively at obtaining captured individuals; - Sale of game animals other users hunting ground for the purpose of resettlement, especially those lands where the actual number exceeds the optimum; - Sale of wild meat Twamarkets for the purposes of distribution network and meat processing sector. The main thing is that the number of wild animals artiodactyls in the hunting grounds of public enterprises currently brought to the optimal indicator: red deer - 135 heads, spotted deer - 309, roe - 4373, hog - 1197. Reference: Total area of ??hunting grounds aboutoblast - 2.1 mln. ha. Area hunting ground state enterprises of Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting - 257 thousand. Ha (12.3%). In hunting farm area is 290 people, 63 of them - at the enterprises of forestry. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration