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The results of the work of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Lutsk.

For 2014 in the meeting room of the City Council held a panel Management Pension Fund of Ukraine in Lutsk.. First Deputy Head of Andrew Bui informed about the work in 2014. He focused on the major indices. He said the SARorhovanist payments of more than eight million. Five million borhuyut companies that are under bankruptcy. In particular, the "Volteks", "Lutskkondyter" factory building structures and so on. Andrew Bui said that continuous monitoring is the question of contribution to the pension fund municipal Companytvamy. In addition, he said, much attention is given to the legalization of wages. This additional income to the pension fund. Is actively working with citizens. For various kinds of advice to pension funds asked about 30 thousand people on pensions, pension indexing, conversion to another typepensions and so on. During the event, it was noted that more than 38 thousand people receive old-age pension. The average size of payments is 1524 USD. In addition, as of January 1, 2015 was recorded 303 individuals who migrated from the temporarily occupied territories. Deputy Chief of the pension fund in Volyn region AndreRomanchuk first thanked the staff of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Lutsk. work. He stressed that the Volyn is one of the best in Ukraine in terms of growth payroll. According to him, now all are on the eve of major changes in the pension system. He emphasized Andriy Romanchuk and in the nearest future operation. In particular, Mr.Farm spend digitizing pension cases of Electronic Document Management and more. In turn, Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev also thanked those present for their work. He said that currently the country's complex situation. Entrepreneurs easy to do business. According to him, should all hope to stabilize the situation and the onset weMovement in our country. Taras Yakovlev said that an important task for the staff pension fund is to provide pension and revenue collection. Deputy Mayor said that a good idea is the introduction of electronic documents and digitizing business. According to him, it will allow to optimize performance. This was reported in Lutskand City Council