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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Access to the dimensioning commands in AutoCAD comes from the system menu or elemetarno of pastoolbar Dimension (Dimensions). To simply display the desired toolbar Dimension, right-click on any toolbar icon and in the list that opens, check the box next to the name Dimension. You can fix this panel in a user on the screen.

Linear Fiters often used for normal straight lines, straight segments, often polylines or blocks. Can be designated dimensions for arcs and circles - in the end will be defined chord length and diameter of the circle.

If the amount designated on the same site, at the request of the position of the first extension line must press < Enter & gt ;. AutoCADanswer a request for an object is selected. Specify the object, ie the segment length is to be determined.

In order to control the application of the linear dimensions, you can use the options offered by AutoCAD. If something is not clear, you can see where everything is clearly shown.

Option Mtext (MTEXT) allows you to change commensurate with the numberabout which automatically calculates AutoCAD, or add to it any text. If, in response to a query on the status of the dimension line in the command prompt, type m, AutoCAD will open an editor window Multilane Text Editor (multiline text editor). In the dialog box, angle brackets (< >) denote the dimension value, AutoCAD automatically detects.To add text, for example, before the dimensional number, the cursor in the editor window you want to move to the angle brackets, add text and press < Enter & gt ;.

Option Rotated (Return) provides dimension lines are not parallel to the segment. To use the option Rotated, need to request an inclination to enter a commandth row of its value.

The parallel dimensions are applied to the ramp circuit details. To apply the drawing parallel size, click on the icon Aligned Dimension (Parallel size). Command is run and run queries similar to requests for application of the linear dimensions.

Quite often, when applied sizesthere is a need in the drawing show the dimensions associated with each other. To do this, AutoCAD offers two options Dimensioning: dimensioning of the total base (baseline) and the application of dimensional chains (continue).

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