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Buy floorboard or lay laminate ? Today it is the latter becoming increasingly popular, and the fact there are a number of reasons. Firstly, the greatest selection of all kinds of colors and styles, allowing harmoniously « fit » flooring in any interior. Secondly, hygienic laminate and confirmed no one certificate. Thirdly, ease of laying and, if necessary, replacement fragments (for glueless laying process). Fourth, wear resistance, durability and undemanding in care. And finally, the fifth, the price of laminate is available to everyone.

However, this is not without flooring and some moments of doubt and controversy. For example, until recently refused laying laminAT and kitchens due to high loads, high humidity, exposure to other media. What then can be said about the bathroom, because the basis of laminate is a plate fiberboard, capable of accumulating moisture, deform, rot and crumble. It is for the samereasons flooring, price and quality which is not inferior to a massive block parquet, are not suitable for such purposes. Today, however, it became possible to buy a laminate , not only the corresponding class strength, but also has a robust moisture and even vodostoykimi properties.

However, there was another drawback in laminate < / span> as well - it's his low noise insulating properties. Special substrate, as noted by a lot of consumers do not always produce the desired effect. Moreover, in some cases the use ofsound-insulating substrates is difficult or impossible, for example, in the case of laying laminate and the top of the system floor heating.

Laminate Haro Tritty

Many manufacturers give a lot of advice on installing and using your laminate and special substrates. However, the German company Hamberger Industrie werke GmbH, founded in 1866 and today is the largestm flooring manufacturer of wood in Europe, offer a unique in its characteristics and performance characteristics of the product - Haro Tritty - laminate < / span> , whose price is lower than its quality.

Features laminate and

Through careful selection of raw materials and the application of new technologies in the production, laminate This brand high strength and proven durability,environmental friendliness and safety for health as well as excellent appearance, almost indistinguishable from real wood flooring, as well as an attractive price. In addition to the special 6-ply heavy-duty coating, which provides an easy care floors and prevent it from fading and burn when exposed to UV rays protection system ofso moisture aquaTec System and aquaResist (additional processing on the carrier panel), as well as a specially designed locking system has its main advantage - a truly high degree of sound insulation and absorption of shock and domestic noise.

This is achieved through the use of special Silent Pro system in the substrate tosecurely glued on the stage of the manufacture of the lower layer laminate a. This allows you to not only reduce the cost of materials in the solution lay laminate , but also juiceinverts time and simplifies the task of laying. The advantage of this support is soft spring effect of allowing walking to experience the feeling as if you walk on the forest floor or natural wood, which additionally carries some ozdoravlivayusche to the body effect. It is very convenient material slitting and not leave nyli and debris. Quality of laminate and Haro, also called laminate flooring due to its properties, it is noted by ISO 9001, and its environmental friendliness - ISO 14001 certification.

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