Leveling floor: angidridovy screed

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Since overhaul facilities nAdo immediately think about leveling the floor, if before this was not done. Many neglected this procedure, pleading that will lay the carpet and it goes, but the aesthetic appearance of the apartment immediately lost. If you decide to   replace the old parquet and lay new laminate flooring or new flooring, the alignment sex questionis necessary. &Nbsp;
First of all, you must make old furniture, fully vacate the premises. Remove all the old foundation, flooring and its substrate,   usually particleboard or fiberboard glued to the mastic to the concrete floor. &Nbsp;

Angidridovy screed

We will use Kreisel ANHYDRIT-VERLAUFMASSE 400, since it is highly resistant to stress, it is convenient and easy to use, gel time 48   hours, poured layer thickness of 20 to 60 mm, good heat accumulates, for use with electrical floor heating or water. In the case of systems with a minimum floor heating layer over the heating elements must30 mm. If the level drops exceed 60mm, then prime the need to do 2 stages, or use as a first layer of poured cement screed, which reduce the cost of work performed.


Prepare the base, remove the   excess rubbish, rubble, dust and other contaminateeniya. Flooded by the prepared surface with soil contact layer agent is applied to improve the adhesion properties of the floor, and better pouring   anhydrite floor to the surface. Dilation, perimeter walls laid dilated tape, if you are planning a large area filled and   in some places on internalennim heated floor, then made intermediate dilation, which at   dilatation profiles help break the surface on the technological field. Laser level, or levels, find the top point and mark on the wall or pillar,   exhibit beacons. The solution was prepared using the following proportions per bag of 30 kg of dry mixture toadds about 4.4 liters of water.   Consistency can be checked by dispensing one liter of solution was placed in a consistometer (one liter capacity in the form of a cylinder) and   poured on a plate of plexiglass size 50h50sm placed on a flat surface. The resulting circle should have a diameter of 34 to 38 cm. The prepared solution was poured outquire to the required level without technological breaks and using the right length and breadth of shaking-drenched surface   movements   flatten solution, then cleaned again and beacons rule or metal   barbell attain to the level surface. Additional work to remove air bubbles from the anhydrous liquid screed Mr.e required. Within two days after the drenched surface must be protected from excessive exposure to sunlight, drafts, high temperatures and water ingress. &Nbsp; After this time, could easily have room ventilation for the final solidification of the solution. Drying the floor with the use of heat guns are not allowed.If, after the drying time began to appear on the floor anhydrite white coating, then it should be   sanded and then remove the dust, this procedure will speed up the drying process the surface.

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