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One of the major issues in the design of privateresidential building, is the question of its heating efficiency. The urgency of the matter, of course, increases with increasing latitude, location of property.

The efficiency of heating, primarily depends on the availability of primary energy. Several centuries, the best heater our homes served Russian stove. In this type of teplopodaChi, there are many advantages and a few disadvantages, but since we live in the twenty-first century, then we will not consider this archaism seriously. Although the …

At the moment, the cheapest fuel is fuel that is blue gas. Of course, in those areas where the supply of gas is constant. Based on this, the best type of home heating,become home to set water heating.

This system is the most secure and simple. The boiler heats the water, it passes through the pipes in the battery, giving heating in the room at the back system, comes again to the boiler. All circulation pump support circular. All heating - it is a closed circuit: the boiler, generator, pipe, padiatory. The fuel gas in addition, may also be coal, kerosene, firewood. As well as an energetic alternative: solar panels, wind turbines, mini hydroelectric power, etc..

When water heating used a different type of pipes:

steel tubes and galvanized require welding during installation. Just steel pipes have lowth resistance to corrosion. For stainless steel and galvanized screw connection is used, it is very sensitive to the environment.

Copper. Reliable, virtually forever. The best solution when installing « dark light & raquo ;. Roads in setting. Few specialists who can install copper brazing, and the ballher strict technology.

Single-loop system is installed for heating only. Turbofan set, for heating and for home appliances and needs. To simplify the circuit, sometimes set two single-circuit system, this is where the energy source is practically free.

There is quite a nice Btem heating: « heated floors & raquo ;. Floor heating, electric and water is. Consider: There are drawbacks, but dominated by the benefits.

The owner himself can adjust the temperature and the heating season. When installing a conventional radiator system is required slope. When you install « warm » gender bias is not in azmozhen.

The downside of the system, additional expenses are mounting system and constantly monitors the system monitoring (constant) of the state of pipes and components. Monitoring of the boiler. It may well be created, especially in case of unreliable pipes, boiler capable of provoking an accident, and thus the entire system to crash teplosnabzheniya. And it's not so much corrosion as a gas leak.

But the water heating is not just gas, peat, wood, kerosene, coal, oil reps were, you never know fuel, water boilers? Install water boilers is recommended as close to the residential premises. Of course while respecting the rules of TB.

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