Laying wood flooring: basic methods and their features

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Market flooring has long since been a material made of wood, has established itself as the most durable, easy-care and quite affordable. We parquet board there is one undeniable quality – ease of installation. It is not necessarys special skills or knowledge, anyone can quite cope with this task.

What you need to remember when laying the floor

The main rule to remember when installing any flooring, the subfloor must be perfectsmooth. Deviation is permissible only in a small range, no more than 3 millimeters to several meters of the surface.
For quite enough tools available in almost every home. For measurements will need a tape measure, level and square. Jigsaw suitable for cutting, at worst fit and fine hacksaw. The compensation Quiltingnyaetsya hammer.
Depending on the size of the panels may be stacked in different ways.

Application Method parquet board:

  • way floating laying (boards are connected, not attached to the base, no glue on the tool joints);
  • adhesive method in which the base panels are fixed with adhesives;
  • way of nailing to the wooden base floor;
  • method in which the flooring is attached to the joists.

Method floating laying parquet board

It is the most economical method, because of the lack of need for additional materials, and the simplest and quickest, any handyman cope with this process. An additional advantage of such a compound is at nNecessity opportunity to dismantle to replace the damaged parts.   In this flooring is laid using the tool joints and without the use of adhesives.

The adhesive method of laying parquet board

For more laborious, but more reliable. For large dimensions of the room, and to grip parquet with the floor boards were tougher, apply glue method. The substrate in this case it is necessary to align perfectly, for this is the substrate of plywood or particle board, hthat adversely affects the value of laying parquet board. Base surface to be treated to remove dirt and dust, and primed. If there are significant irregularities, they need to putty, or mixtures thereof to apply self-leveling. Additional noise and waterproofing is achievedlaying a layer of plywood,   which then use the adhesive is laid parquet board.

Mount parquet board nailed to a wooden base floor and joists

Wooden boards can be laid directly and on a wooden floor. But thIf the floor is not in perfect condition, it will have to be repaired to remove cracks and gaps. The bottom layer in this case will serve as heat, hydro and sound insulation.
The optimum size of parquet board, which is attached to the joists – not less than 22 mm. The ideal distance,which should be placed logs – 60 cm, and the spacing between them must be free for good ventilation. On the joists fit and being targeted insulating film, and then screwed plywood. For greater rigidity plywood better stagger.

In modern homeslaying parquet board on concrete floors required to perform a concrete screed for leveling the surface. This, of course, is not cheap, with the additional layer vapor barrier material and plywood, but is strictly necessary. Place the floorboard possible on all surfacesawns, even on linoleum and carpeting. Just do not forget the basic rule – surface have to be well-aligned.

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