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"I want to open an online store (E-poe tegemine)". The goal has been determined. Without pretending to fully cover this broad topic, let's look at the basics - where to start building an online store website. These recommendations are suitable both for an entrepreneur who is just starting his own business and for Companies that, having been doing business for a long time, plan to occupy their niche in the Internet market. So...

Online store: first steps to a successful launch

An online store is a tool for solving your tasks and implementing your ideas. We will assume that you have already decided on what exactly you will sell, identified your target audience and even formulated a unique selling proposition. Check out the sites in your industry and the best sites on other topics. Perhaps you will get ideas that you want to use when creating an online store. Think over the business processes of the future online store, including answer the questions:
  • Compliance of the online store with legislation. For example, according to laws, some groups of goods cannot be sold remotely.
  • Taxes. What tax regime will be optimal for you? Is it necessary to allocate tax in the price of goods on the site?
  • Pricing. Will you have only retail in your online store or several groups of buyers with different types of prices? How will the division of buyers into types be carried out on the site?
  • Payment for the goods. What payment methods will you use in the store? Among the most popular in Russian Internet trade: electronic money, bank cards (payment directly on the website - you will have to take additional security measures or on the website of banks / payment aggregators), SMS payments, other payment methods (for example, "Thank you from Sberbank", PayPal should enter the Russian market in September, etc.)
  • Updating. How will the information on the site be kept up-to-date? Do you need to account for the availability of goods? How will prices on the website be updated? If the number of goods is more than a thousand and prices for them change frequently, a simple import-export of goods into a csv file may not be enough, and most likely, you cannot do without integrating an online store with 1C.
  • Search for information. How to make it easier for a buyer to find a product on your site? Is it necessary to sort products (by what parameters), product filters (by what characteristics), compare products? How are products of the same model ordered, but, for example, different colors: are these products with separate cards or is the color shown as a property of the product and is available for selection when you click the Add to Cart button? How are sizes taken into account in the online store (for example, for clothes)?
  • Advertising and promotion. What marketing and advertising tools will you use on the site? Do you need on the site: a system of discounts (how it is formed), uploading goods to YandexMarket, discount coupons and gift coupons, the possibility of registering goods on credit, and so on.
  • Logistics (warehouse, delivery order, delivery costs). Perhaps this item could be put on one of the first places in terms of importance. Until recently, almost 100% of online stores operated without a warehouse, ordering goods from a supplier upon receipt of an order from a buyer (dropshipping). Today, when stores with offline points of sale have actively entered the battle for the Internet space, such a system may turn out to be uncompetitive if you cannot offer the buyer fast delivery or other competitive advantages. Who will be the supplier and on what terms? What delivery services will you use? How will the cost of delivery in the city and in other regions be calculated on the website? It will not be an exaggeration to say that the success of the entire enterprise depends on how clearly the delivery service in the online store will work.
Make a business plan (however, a lot of projects are launched ignoring this advice. And nothing, live... :).

If you are planning to open your first online store, we recommend that you set and share your priorities in developing an online store. Two options: the first is to "stuff" the store's site with functions as much as possible and develop the site within 3-12 months, the second option is to create a site within a month and launch a store that will start working and make a profit, and the revision is carried out in the process of work in separate stages technical assignment to the developer. Agree, the second option is preferable, in addition, in the process of work, many of your ideas will undergo changes and will be made more efficiently.

After you have answered these questions, contact the web studio, which will bring to life all your ideas and wishes for creating an online store.
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