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How to get acquainted with the girl. The modern approach.


In recent years, more and more popularity gaining a desire to learn how to communicate with a person of the opposite sex. In some   as to communicate with people of the opposite sex forced everyone, but that's the art of proper communication few possess.

And often these difficulties are evenamong those who do not consider myself a novice in the field of dating and socializing with the girls. Even if you can easily get acquainted to know how you can go to a beautiful lady, and how to turn her attention   for yourself, you should still read to the end.

Most of the singles are in the evening, in a disagreeablenuzhdnnoy and relaxed atmosphere that for many it is possible. But come to you like a woman and successfully to meet with her during the day, for example, in the subway, on the bus, in a coffee shop or at lunchtime -   is much more difficult.

If you pay attention to your most spreadnnye and straight, it becomes clear that they are not the best for Me in the day time. In order to understand the shortcomings of direct dating like a girl, you need to understand for themselves how to think young women in similar situations.

According to the results of statistical studies of the coTNI girls passing on the subway during rush hour, a man very much like to meet with 50 of them said "maybe" 20, and 30 refused to do. But if she saw a hundred different men, it is only with 5 of them the hour would have agreed to a meeting, 45 of them brought it in to an imaginary graph "can be" immediately and refused to be part of theseen its young people.

If you think that able to get into the top five men the girl you like - excellent. You can assume that this article is not for you. Use the direct approach and enjoy new meetings. But, in most cases, a girl rejects all seen her men in the category "no" or "can be. "And this is not surprising.   because the girls need much more information than a short introduction to agree on long-term appointments and even more so for a serious relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

So what is our fault?

The most common mistake men in dating women is too eager and aggressive approach. Excessively fast pace of life does not give us enough time to become more familiar, so man   tries to pass, so to speak, right to the point. He flirts, poke funt or simply asks phone number. However, many women are afraid of such excessive boldness, and with panic look on her face cleaned back home.

What can we do to men? In most cases it is not necessary immediately to talk about his desire to meet. After all, women need enough time , to think about whether it is a new acquaintance at all.

Most often during dating a girl, you can try to say something like "Hey, I saw you from afar, and more simply could not pay you a couple of minutes. It has a lot of years I have never seen such a radiant smile. "

Do not   immediately hint girl to sex, it instantly kills all the attention   to you. The idea of ??a modern approach to dating a girl is   unobtrusive conversation, during which, the man should express interest in the smile, a laugh, a girl hairstyle, saying the original nezaezzhennoy FraPS, compliments. &Nbsp; That this is the key to successful dating with the fair sex! Men are more   tend to be bold and concrete ways of expressing their thoughts.   But in communion with the girls need a completely different approach. Think about everything before you say it. It is not necessary to seek quick results. It is better to pay a little boproc eed time to highlight something remarkable in like the fairer sex and give her enough emotional information that will encourage young person think about the new acquaintance and make the right choice.

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