Declaration of fire safety: what should we know?

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signed by the holders of the capital buildings, or persons who are lawfully on their ownership structures.

Here we are talking about ownership of capital construction projects on the rights:

  • Operational management, i.e. the property is owned by state and communal non-profit enterprises.
  • the property transferred for life from heredity.
  • Economic management (the ability to use someone else's property on legal grounds), etc.

which objects have necessarily issued a Declaration?

Under the Declaration have to get those buildings and structures that are designed, rekonstruiruet and exploit. By the way, concerning these properties should be carried out the examination procedure at the state level.
Declaration of fire safety and subscribe for:

  • Areas that are used as kindergartens.
  • Facilities that are nursing homes, hotels, concert complexes, hospitals, libraries and premises for carrying out the exh.
  • Space-stations.
  • Objects of administrative nature.

If you take into account the complicated procedure of signing such a Declaration and a great responsibility for what it contains, it is wise to get advice from the experts, who have vast experience in this field.


What is the form and content of such a Declaration?

as for the forms of Declaration, it renders only those persons who have the authority. By the way, it is easy to find on the official website of the Ministry of emergency situations. The document describes the construction of the object of protection and the detailed information about it, ie: its form, name (both full and abbreviated), address, INN and other details.

identifies the data that were obtained after the calculation of the fire risk. Also, this document can still be found engineering-technical and organizational measures necessary in order to provide the desired level of fire risk for construction of the object.



Each fire safety Declaration includes:

  1. Brief information about the construction object, i.e. its name, VAT number, address and other details.
  2. Fire risk, which received a constructive method (only in the case where it was held).
  3. the package of measures that aimed at maintaining the required level of fire safety.
  4. Evaluation of possible damage to the property which is the property of third parties and the victim in the event of a fire.

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