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I guess there is no one jyuushiro in the city, which would be the case with the Wallpaper, but rather their sticky. So this process is not turned into flour, it is necessary to choose the right glue. And here the problem arises, because not every person knows how to select and properly use.

this is What we will discuss today, and help us to understand employee "Luxury" on the website where you can wholesale buy quality glue for Wallpaper manufacturer.

Glue for Wallpaper: scope

high-Quality Wallpaper glue plays an invaluable role in the repair, which provides wallpapering. It depends on the durability and quality of repair work.

Good product it is mandatory to provide reliable adhesion, be sustainable (that is 100% safe for your health). These characteristics are inherent in the TM Suite . This glue is perfect for all kinds of Wallpaper (textile, non-woven and vinyl) and wall coverings (for example, stekloholsta).

Features and "+" Wallpaper paste Suite

clay Suite offers the following unique characteristics:

  • excellent adhesive strength (the adhesive has a polymer base and is immediately ready for use);
  • absolute guarantee of security (it will not harm human health);
  • high water resistance makes it possible to apply it in high humidity environments;
  • it consists of stabilizing impurities, and additives against mold and mildew.

the glue is to a viscous white liquid. Adhesive film itself is colorless. Due to the special composition of the adhesive is not toxic and has OTLIchNI fire properties, and this, in turn, allows its use in children's rooms.

clay Suite : how to apply?

So that the Wallpaper glue Suite 100% lived up to your expectations, you just need to follow the following instructions for its use:

  • Preparation. Originally the wall must be dry and clean from contamination. If the wall is uneven, it is mandatory zashpaklyuyte them.
  • Preparation. Mix glue with water in a ratio of 1:2.
  • Sticky. Apply the glue only in the rooms where the % humidity of 70 at a temperature of +10...+30 0 C. During the process of wallpapering the room in any case should not have been draft.

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