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Everyone started watching this series under different circumstances. In my case, it was an accident. Earlier, I did not watch these shows. However, the « Supernatural » I bought on the advice of the seller. I came home and put the drive to see what I went to … and … I just fell in love with himfrom the very first series! Previously, I had no idea that the heroes of the series can be for something to love. However, it is so!


Jensen Ackles (Dean).

Previously, I have not seen it in any movies. Dean, whom he plays, struckme on the spot. His game was simply incomparable to anything else, besides, he showed exactly what I like. In some episodes he is an ordinary brutal big man, but his devotion to family is simply amazing! Jensen perfectly capture the rich inner world and rather inconspicuous life outside. Dean simply adores his car toELSE possibly replace him girl. Yes, and he calls it simply – Babe. Girls need to realize that some guys are able to exchange them for « railway friends & raquo ;. Dean is always ready to help his friends, nor matter who they are, people, angels or vampires. He cherishes this friendship. However, the nature he has a pretty specific! Nesmithotrya of love to the girls and bars, he would never betray friends for the sake of it. And it's no mention of the family.

Jared Padalecki (Sam).

This actor was also noticeable for me. However, I found it in the film « Friday 13 & raquo ;, but can not remember who he is and wheregral. This is a very controversial character. Unlike Dean, for whom the family is the most important thing in the world, Jared is looking your way. Study, good job, happy family … However, suddenly appears and tells brother of the missing father, so Sam pulled their rut and goes in search of. Now we have the opportunity to floorteach an idea of ??his character and past life. Traveling with my brother – not an obstacle to the plans that he currently scheduled.

Jim Beaver (Bobby).

He replaced his father and the boys is for them of these things: and his father, and a friend, and brother. Jim tries to teach them good, hocha sometimes calls them morons. The viewer also realizes that his mother he did.

Misha Collins (Castiel)

The new incarnation of angels. This is not about the creatures with wings and halos, familiar to the pictures. Here Angels – experienced and serious men who do not regret anythingto achieve a goal. Castiel at the beginning of its existence, it is quite nice and knows little about the habits of the people. He was not able to keep their distance, and can not understand that people, unlike the angels, and even sleep. He is a very original and … strange. However, Dean is willing to accept him as a brother. Cas became his partner and simplea friend.

Mark Shepard (demon).

It – very cute demon, gets in my eyes. This daemon is different insolence, and ease the pressure. It is not easy to deceive, but … everything is decided by the Winchesters! He sometimes fights with his brothers, sometimes – On the oppositesecond side. His only interested in its objectives, the views of other interested him little.


This is good enough! In addition to the already familiar to us vampires and demons in the series a lot of other things. Angels, demons, ghouls, leviofany, Wendigo, shifters. There are even MULTIko gods! And a bunch of others. Before us is a real world of darkness.

To summarize:

This masterpiece is required to view for each. Each season brings a lot. You will be much to ponder, laugh and grieve. Soon you will feel that personally experience for each brother.

Is it possible to write any other conclusion? Before us – ochumennye series!

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