What makes a great startup?

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Startups are taking over the Internet. It seems that we have an idea about everything and the website can bring it to life. Next, we consider the factors that will help the website of your startup stand out above the rest, and tell us about this employee WEBCASE , which directly carries out a professional .


Lack of design is better than over design

If you are struggling with the design or do not have a budget for hiring a professional designer, always remember that it is better not to fix the design than to change it.


Make the navigation easily accessible, consider adding a call to action (CTA)

Your navigation should be easily accessible, especially if your site has long pages - no difference, whether the fixed menu on top or POPs up when you start scrolling. Just make sure that people can access it when they need it. But if you include your CTA, you get bonus points.


Pick simple colors for your primary CTA (and nowhere else) choose a contrasting color

Many of the principles of popular landing pages also apply to web sites startups. You need a primary CTA, but in contrast to the landing page, you can also have CTA, which helps the client to dive deeper into your product.

These secondary CTA can be designed to match the rest of the color schemes of your site. With that said, your primary CTA (start a free 30-day trial, etc.) should be wrapped in a large, bold contrast color because it is, ultimately, the driver, forcing the user to do the actions you want them to do.


Delete photos

Use images of your actual product. Many web sites start-UPS look the same. How many times have you seen this image (or similar) on the start site? Become unique, not one!



Using these simple tips, you will be able to make a quality website for a startup company, spending a minimum of money and time.

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