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the success of any modern business is the company website in the Internet. How effective is it, so it will be a profitable company. Technology is constantly improving, and the winner is the more quickly they become obsessed. In such a situation it is best to contact the experts. to offer advice and make professional redesign.

website redesign

the Redesign is a re-design of the website. Based on the monitoring operation of the resource professionals decide that you want to modify. Maybe we have to change only certain elements, and, perhaps, there was a need for fundamental changes.

the Reasons for the redesign

When establishing your website of the company, he was gorgeous, convenient and useful. So you think that it can function indefinitely. But everything has its time of use. This also applies to the web site. How to understand that now is the time to change website?

Redesign is required if:

    a little Internet search; the

  • low traffic to the site;
  • the
  • complex navigation, and when working with a database in difficulties;
  • the
  • changed company details or logo;
  • the
  • created a new strategy of the company;
  • there was a merger of companies; the

  • website in comparison with competitors looks "old";
  • the
  • did your customer audience.

Varieties redesign

First, it is necessary to contact professionals who will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the site. Only after will be obtained a complete picture of the necessary measures restyling. What kind of reconstruction can be experts?

Here is a list of the types of redesign:

    the new color scheme of the website, it is composite; the

  • modeling the new icons of the company;
  • the
  • modeling and redesign of the graphic elements;
  • the
  • to develop a new menu.
  • the
  • improvement of navigation;
  • the
  • adding new modules
  • the
  • increasing the number of modernized sections;
  • the
  • changing the visual format of the site.

Tips for customers redesign

the Modern market of services for restyling very extensive. How to choose a contractor to really invest in promoting their own business and not to throw them to the wind. A deep analysis of the market when selecting a contractor recommends to use the following criteria:

  • before the execution of the experts have to perform website
  • the
  • the size of the payment called only after the initial diagnosis;
  • the
  • experienced professionals would not propose to completely change the website, because all of them have their advantages and disadvantages;
  • the
  • professional conduct advice, will conclude the contract.

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