Advantages of flying in a wind tunnel

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flying in a wind tunnelAt a certain point, as the emergence of wind tunnels in Russia and their widespread distribution across the regions, the broad masses of parachute athletes became clear the advantages of flying in them, despite the not very cheap price. So, the hour of flight in a closed pipe in the capital, today fluctuates from 16 to 26 000 rubles. In the open - almost 40 % cheaper, but it is not suitable for athletes. Especially when it comes to collective training. By the way, in Moscow you can order mobile air tunnels on the site:

What are the benefits for athletes?

Our sport is very expensive, therefore all those who take it seriously learn to count very quickly. Elementary calculations show that the financial costs for the flight time in the aerotrube and the trainer in it are several times lower than at an equal time of falling when performing parachute jumps.

In addition, at times lower and related costs for transportation, accommodation and meals on the drop zone, maintenance of parachute equipment, its replacement from wear and obsolescence, as well as time to travel and perform jumps. It is logical that with such mathematics, the capacity utilization in some pipes is 100% for months ahead.

This is additionally to blame for the depreciation of the national currency - because of the cheapness of flights in the currencies of other countries - the influx of foreigners is very high. For them, this cost is much cheaper than the average European and Middle American, and domestic athletes with enviable regularity win in international championships and very many would like to learn from their experience.

Qualitative leap in the development of parachuting

The wide distribution and improvement of aerodynamic pipe designs for flights, throughout the world and in Russia in particular, has made a qualitative breakthrough in the development of parachuting.

Now, to experience a free fall and train acrobatics, even children from 4 years old can do it, which would not have been possible for jumping with a parachute (allowed only from 15 years). Thus, by the time an age of legislative permission for jumping is reached, a child may already be a multiple world champion in airtraining (bodyflight, indoor skydiving).

All he has to do is adapt himself to parachute jumps and learn the skills of safe landing and action in special cases. But even if you have not been a child for a long time, you can always increase the skill level several times. Come to us.

For different levels of athletes we always have a suitable training program and excellent instructors. Whether it's preparation for AFF, for the championship or for the record on Freefly.

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