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How to find a quality, stylish watch? In the modern world, there are many brands, models of men's watches. And sometimes it's hard not to get lost in this infinite number. The impression that luxury watches acquire only the affluent and not in need of funds of the individual. And exclusive brands at all different prices transcendence.

If You are limited in funds, but prefer the quality and follow the fashion, the following is a list for You. Affordable prices and advantageous characteristics inherent in brands. In the list You will find watches are available a wide range of people, not a premium. However, every manufacturer cares about quality products, so such products can be safely attributed to the popular brands.

4. Victorinox

Brand specialized in the production of multi-purpose army knives. Currently, manufacturers strengthened the market hours. The trick of the brand is creative and innovative quartz movement. Reasonable price and perfect quality characterize this brand.

3. TAG Heuer

Model is recognized as one of the best in the world. In 2010, the brand celebrated its 150 years. For such a long period TAG Heuer has introduced to mankind large number of original models. Call them for hours a true macho. During its long history the world saw the Carrera in 1963, some of chronographs and quartz watches such as Formula One, Aquaracer, Monaco and Grand Carrera. The brand has also released a unique sports chronographs. And the main advantage is the reasonable prices together with a steady development of quality.

2. Hamilton

Exclusively male, brutal and at the same time elegant wrist accessoire. The brand adheres to a military style. Every detail in mdash this brand is thought over to trifles. Luxury models give a workshop processing, the use of sapphire glass. And practicality is characterized by resistance to damage and almost absolute water resistance.

1. Rolex

Truly all the advantages of the described models are intertwined in this brand. Since 1853, Tissot is surprising connoisseurs of opportunities, and today is a manufacturer of advanced chromograph. Price and quality - that's the main difference of the brand. And specializiruetsya on the production of products for both men and women.

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