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In modern construction there are no trifles durability, and safe operation of buildings depends not only on the strength of the walls, floors and roof. Illiterate made wiring can cause a lot of trouble to the owner who decided to save money on high quality cable products and professional installation.

And the results of such savings can be tremendous from the failure of expensive home electronics, connected to an unreliable wall outlet, before the fire, caused by overheating and ignition of the cable insulation, a section of which was insufficient for the perception attributable to his load.

In the end, skimping on quality (I must say, very little) can significantly result in big losses, so experts recommend zealous owners another, more efficient way of saving. Choosing high quality electrical products from major manufacturers, the lifespan of many decades, it is realistic to get a significant benefit by minimizing operating costs.

Everything you need for the construction of cable and wire products for every taste

the List of modern cable products is very extensive:

  • cable and wires of various sections with copper or aluminum wires;
  • installation and mounting box for installation in concrete or plasterboard;
  • all sorts of electrical devices;
  • a professional tool used for trimming, crimping, wire Stripping, as well as testers for testing cable;
  • the electrical power 220V and 380V;
  • components and the linear armature voltage 6 10 kV;
  • corrugated pipe, metal hose, boxes and trays for proclaimable and wires;
  • household extension cords and a variety of accessories.

not to buy low quality fake, purchase everything required for the construction or repair it is better not to natural markets, and professionals who provide a warranty on all goods. Especially now that any purchases can be made via the Internet, without even leaving the house. Visit the network specialized online store called the Electrician Shop, on the Web-pages of which the most well-known domestic and foreign brands. It offers a vast assortment and attractive prices are welcome!

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