Five levels of leadership

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Answering for someone, as a Manager, coach, teacher, father or someone else, you are fulfilling the role of leader. But how to become a true leader? Possible to pass or find yourself a worthy mentor among your friends or relatives? John Maxwell, a renowned business consultant and author of several books, offers his vision of the five levels of leadership.



This is the lowest (or input) the level of leadership, and the only one that doesn't require effort to master. You already have some power and influence because he took the position of leader. But not enough to really lead people. On the first level people will become your followers only if they believe they have to be. Leaders who do not go beyond the level of the position, do not know how to work with volunteers because they do not have over them formal authority.

This level should be considered as a starter, as a place where you the time and opportunity to invest in the development of leadership potential. Then you are then able to move to the next level.


the Solution

This level is based on relationships. Here people become your followers because they want it. In other words, they give permission to the leader to lead them. To reach that level and develop it, the leader needs to spend time to become better acquainted with subordinates and establish communication with them. He can't just manage employees, he needs to learn to love them, if he wants to govern effectively.

When you love people and treat them well (as individuals with their values), you get more and more positive influence on them. Growing confidence that breeds respect. And this creates the Foundation for the next level.



a Good leader knows how to motivate their people so that they can provide the desired results. The results - the most important thing at this level. The leader contributes to the results, and therefore, increasing its influence and authority. The followers follow him, because I really want it, but also because of the feeling that the growing effectiveness of their own labor. Leadership is primarily the development. Yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people.



the Fourth level can be described in one word: play. The purpose of a leader here is to identify and develop as many future leaders, investing in discovering their potential. The reason is simple: the more leaders, the greater the likelihood that organizations will succeed in accomplishing our mission.

the more new leaders you can grow, the more chances to change the lives of all the members of his team. As a result, people will follow you because of what you have done for them. And as an added bonus - some of these relationships mentor - mentee is likely to last a lifetime.



the highest level of leadership is a difficult task, which requires not only a strong desire, but also the application of considerable effort for long periods of time. You will not be able to reach the fifth level, if you are not ready to invest his life to the development of others. However, if you do it on a regular basis, all the while focusing on your growth and the growth of others, and develop leaders who in turn are willing to develop others, eventually will be able to get to the top. The leaders of the fifth level create outstanding organizations. People follow them because they represent, according to their reputation.



Leadership according to John Maxwell is primarily the development. Yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people. To be a good leader, you must have a thirst for continuous improvement and to understand where you are now and where you're going.

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