Acceptance of the cable: What you need to know?

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Today is a major supplier of secondary raw materials of non-ferrous metal remains scrap wire and cable. The most expensive metal is copper, it is used for the manufacture of the cable core. Copper is good because in its composition there are almost no unnecessary impurities, which ensures softness of the metal, the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

you Have unnecessary copper cable? He had already served his time, went down, took a lifetime or is it just a small piece of cable? It is unnecessary to store in the shed in the backyard of the company to receive scrap happy you buy it. The price varies depending on the amount of copper in a particular case. Turn profitable any for this offers the most favorable terms and opportunities. Learn more about the procedure of submission of such scrap on the official website of a specialized company.

What types of copper cable known to us?

Standard cable is an intertwining of some number of copper wires, each of which can be pure, and may be in a special shell of isolation. On top of the whole structure are also covered with braided for safety when working and operating the cable. The easiest cable has the usual plastic cover, but there are those that are the top covered with special screens and plates. The kind of cable depends on the purpose and place of use.


  • power cable;
  • the
  • for domestic use;
  • the
  • auxiliary cable;
  • the
  • special narrow.

Power cable is used on the RP in the public sector, various enterprises and industries. It is necessary for the direction of electricity between the facilities of the city. Usually consists of five copper wires.

are Different as well and insulation:

  • Plastic. Increased resistance to high temperatures, open fire and various mechanical damage.
  • the
  • Rubber. Used in the manufacture of a flexible cable.
  • the
  • Armored. Used for laying underground communication lines. Consists of copper wires that are wrapped in special paper with special impregnation. Top in addition to braid it is covered with a shell of lead, as well with special impregnation.

Domestic cable consists of several copper conductors. The scope of the domestic needs, connection to generators, welding equipment. The control is used as the connector devices, mechanisms, devices powered by electricity in a variety of channels, tunnels. To work with the control cable and in the open air and in enclosed spaces.

Main uses of copper cables:

the Distribution of electric energy between different objects. Wiring in residential, working, domestic premises, offices, shopping malls and so on. In industries with a high level of fire and explosion. There is already depending on the number of strands in the cable are used for different purposes. Single core cable is often used in applications where the required stiffening of the cable. It can be different motors or hard wiring.

Stranded cable has found its application in cases when you need a cable that will withstand constant and extensive movement. One example is gantry cranes enterprises, they installed it two or three wire cable. The admission cost of the cable will depend on the frequency, the integrity of the braid, volumes (at high volumes the price is higher).

When choosing a company for accepting the scrap give preference to large companies with legitimate activities that have the specialized equipment, facilities, Playground and, of course, license. A small point of reception usually conduct illegal business.

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