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Why fell sharply Bitcoin authoritative opinion

Алексей Го
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reasons for the collapse of the cryptocurrency markets, there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

lower rates of many cryptocurrencies, observed since the beginning of this year, demonstrated in may, another swift race down. The situation is caused by many reasons, but the last straw that triggered a sharp collapse, could be the words of bill gates, that the game courses cryptocurrency, in fact, indistinguishable from the games on the sites of slot machines c Kiwi like this .

the Owner of Microsoft expressed the view that all the hype occurring around bitcoins and other zerovalue is a Prime example of the theory of the big fool . Scheme all cryptogenes kept and still works, thanks to a kind of mystical aura about the possible windfall profits expected in the world of virtual coins.
Critical statements about the prospects of bitcoin was noted in the statements of famous billionaire trader Warren Baffeta. It in their speeches warned that all ciproforuti waiting for a happy ending , as the characteristics of the cue are similar to rat poison whose properties are even and squared . Well-known financier Charles Munger Buffett's partner, also strongly negative about the prospects of digital currencies, he even called trade cryptoengine dementia .


Adjust the value of bitcoins

do Not know who is to blame for the current situation on the market, and whether correct statements of these giants of the global industry, but in early may, 2018 observed mind-boggling depreciation of almost all zerovalued. Some experts say that there is a normal haircut hamsters beginners who purchased the cryptocurrency quickly and dumping assets at the slightest negative messages or events in the market.

Large investors are fueled by panic. They specifically stimulate excessive fall, causing small holders cyprodinil to sell PPC for pennies , at a cost much lower purchase. And as soon as the wave subsides plum, courses begin to rise again. Comments and words of gates and Buffett, so solid players literally care less , they just skillfully earn rapid swings of exchange rate fluctuations amount of cryptocoins. Gates and Buffett are trying to protect their capital, which are based on conventional money , therefore I wish imminent death of bitcoin and other digital means of payment.


Factors that stimulated the fall of zerovalue

One of the factors contributing to the decline in the market value of cyprodinil, is the constant raising of the rumors about a ban in China mining of cryptocurrencies. In late 2017 there are such messages, but at the beginning of this year, the representatives of the people's Bank has denied them. The PRC government is the only intention.

  • gradually eliminate preferential incentives for such a business in the field of electricity supply
  • the
  • to tighten the conditions for tax
  • the
  • to change the order of land management.

China is one of the largest countries, which is a huge digital power for mining. They require substantial amounts of energy, and because the infrastructure is already unable to cope with the growing demand of power consumers, the decision about the systematic removal of preferential terms with timeminimum companies for the supply of electricity.

Large plums bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox

the Reason for the rapid collapse of the cryptocurrency market in early may, 2018 could be release to the market a large batch of bitcoins, Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Trustee of the exchange Mt.Gox. He needs to eliminate more than 200 thousand MTC to compensate for the losses of creditors. Monitoring on the stock exchanges shows that only on may 10 they were derived from 4 different zifratutako about 8.2 thousand bitcoins, nearly 73 million dollars. Plums on the market of such a large amount of cryptocoins package could cause the rapid drop in the value.

All investors who play the courses of digital currency, try to get maximum returns on price fluctuations. It is the high volatility provides an excellent opportunity to obtain huge profits. Provocative news and rumors can be created specially, forcing hamsters to get rid of the amount of cryptocoins, and the major players to buy for next promising assets. Skillfully using such significant changes in the value of cyprodinil, it is possible to earn huge capital.

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