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the Decision on the construction of a house or garden, and even the need for minor repairs in a Studio apartment, inevitably confronts the owners of a number of tricky issues. Indeed, the abundance of offerings on the market, the calculation of the estimates, the choice of both inexpensive and high-quality materials are not easy tasks.

For starters, you need to decide what the ultimate goal of the construction or finishing works. This can be done independently, but at the same time, you can invite a master professional, who is not only competent to assess the scale of the repair, but also help to buy . The latter are classified based on the purpose, comprised of two main types: for interior and exterior use. Let's consider each of them in detail.


Materials for exterior use

They are used for construction of buildings and for exterior finishes. In this list
contains cement, sand and special mortar, mineral wool, Styrofoam
paint products, roofing materials, fa?ade elements and many more.
When choosing building materials for outdoor work should consider some important

  • firstly, climatic and meteorological conditions of the area in which plan construction. For example, in the tropics makes no sense to substantially insulate the building, but you need to seriously consider the question of ventilation and sun protection;
  • secondly, you need maximum accuracy to calculate the load that will be test material during long-term operation. For example, if on the porch planning a small family get-togethers, but noisy youth party, you should think about additional strengthening of the Foundation and the pillars.

Materials for interior work

During the repair indoors, materials are selected based on their characteristics and the tasks they must perform. There are several basic factors to keep in mind when buying building materials:

  • When working with floors, you need to clearly define the purpose of the room, and to calculate its permeability. For example, in the hallway it is best to lay linoleum or lay tile, because these materials are less susceptible to wear and tear during intensive and prolonged use;
  • For the walls in the bedroom or living room is better to use Wallpaper or latex paint, whereas in the bathroom it is more practical to use tiles or PVC panel.
  • do Not forget about the environmental performance interior materials. When buying paint, Wallpaper or other finish, you need to read the label, which should be the icon for the product eco-friendly safe . If it is not on the package to demand from the seller a certificate.

calculation of the budget for the purchase of materials

One of the key moments during the preparation to the construction or repair is to compile accurate estimates. Those who have already passed the test called build a house , it is recommended to turn to experienced professionals. If the owner aims to participate directly in the process or at least to control it, he is acquainted with the basis of stroyrabot available in reference books or on specialized Internet-resources.
in order to save on materials is to listen to the advice of experienced masters.

  1. Cheaper in most cases, not so profitable. Often, in an effort to save money, shoppers forget about the fact that suspiciously cheap materials may not correspond to the declared characteristics and the output can get totally the wrong result. Also, cheap paint products can be very toxic and cause irreparable harm;
  2. Should pay attention to the rummage sale. Particularly relevant advice in case you want to buy something in a small volume or quantity. Construction hypermarkets often implement such a product, even below the purchase price, just in order to make room in the warehouse.

Based on the foregoing, the purchase of building materials is a very crucial moment of construction or repair and to neglect it, certainly not worth it. Because it determines what the outcome of the work of new pleasant phase of life or a long protracted process that will long be associated only with negative emotions.

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