How to choose the right building materials?

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Where to buy high quality and cheap building materials? When it is most advantageous to make a large purchase of cement, mortar, paint, Wallpaper and wall plugs? With these issues sooner or later, given every homeowner who decided finally to build a house or apartment repair.

Question where buy , can be solved in several ways. The first and the easiest is to go to the nearest DIY-store where you can buy everything from a conventional screw ending with metal. The disadvantage of this method is that there is a huge risk not only to pay exorbitant prices for average quality goods, but also to gain a full cart of unnecessary that you will be happy to advise vendors interested in fulfilling the plan of sales.

the Second option is a trip on the construction market or wholesale basis. The main advantage in this case is significant budget savings, as well as the opportunity to get valuable advice from people who really understand the repair and construction. The downside may be that there is always a risk to purchase substandard or material, which before the sale were kept in inappropriate conditions. On wholesale bases, often sells the product in large volumes, which the owner of a small apartment in a high-rise building is simply not needed.

the Third way to purchase quality building materials without paying the purchase on the Internet. This option is ideal in case if you know exactly what you need and in what amounts. Many Internet retailers offer prices below the market, due to the fact that you don't need to pay for rent huge warehouse space and services to dozens of managers. Also they have additional services such as delivery at the specified address and the rise of the dimensional goods on the floor. In order not to fall into the hands of fraudsters when you buy online, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Try to avoid payment, especially on a large scale. No self-respecting online store, will not require the buyer 100% payment, and will always offer a calculation after receiving the goods;
  • the
  • On the company website should be listed not only e-mail and phone, but also the legal and actual address. This will help to protect a potential buyer from firms-a something ephemeral, OOO Horns and hoofs .

How to determine the quality of building materials

once the buyer has determined the place of purchase, the question arises how to distinguish good material from low-grade? Experienced builders can give some important advice about the properties that will help to determine the quality.


    Durability. One of the key indicators, which indicates whether the material do not change their characteristics during prolonged operation. In order to see this option you need to carefully read the label or ask the sellers a certificate;

    Frost. This index indicates how many times the material can freeze and thaw without losing its properties. It is especially important to consider when choosing the grade of concrete for a Foundation or brick masonry;

    water Resistance. Shows how long the selected material may be in contact with water;

    statement. Means that the chosen material have to last for a certain period of time in compliance with all provisions of installation and operation. In Ukraine almost all products coming onto the market, must pass internal certification at the state enterprise Ukrmetrteststandart . So when you buy costly building materials, experienced craftsmen strongly recommend to see the certificates confirming the quality and safety of products.

these simple tips will help to keep abreast of during construction and renovation, as well as will save not only nerves, but also money. I would also like to remind you that to buy construction materials worth only official suppliers, as this greatly reduces the probability of a defective item or incompetent service.

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