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The use of gypsum Board in construction

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as a building material gypsum is used for a very long time. Over 3,000 years ago it was used by the ancient Egyptians during the creation of luxury exterior finishes for homes. Then the Romans picked up the baton and used it for the interiors and cladding of buildings. Since that time, the plaster has gained wide application in construction.

In the nineteenth century was invented drywall, which almost completely replaced the plaster and wooden siding. And this is not surprising because this material has a number of advantages.

the Pros and cons of drywall

the Main advantages of this material are:

  • High-speed installation with virtually no need special skills or years of experience in the field of construction;
  • the
  • Easily due to low moisture content of gypsum Board is quite easy, and therefore, it can be installed independently;
  • the
  • High thermal insulation properties according to the test results of the FCL quite a bit of behind the bricks, and when used in conjunction with foam, it can be a great to save on warming the balcony or apartment;
  • fire Resistance. In the event of a fire will light up only the top layer, and the use of special sheets of fire can not be afraid at all; the

  • Resistance to water. To not fear failure or deformation of the trim in the bathroom, use moisture-resistant drywall.

But no one is perfect, including drywall. So when it is used in construction you may encounter the following problems:

  • Bad soundproofing. Any sounds, even the quiet to be perfectly audible through the partition. The only way to prevent this is to put between the plates of mineral wool, which would entail additional costs;
  • the
  • Fragility. Plasterboard is very fragile: it can easily crack both during transport and during installation. Also it is easy to damage during subsequent operation (for example, just half asleep bumping into the wall). It is therefore not necessary to use gypsum Board in areas of heavy workloads.

Harmful drywall?

to answer this question, we need to consider 2 things: the composition of the material and the conditions in which it will be used. Quality drywall (that is manufactured in accordance with all Standards) may not harm human health. However, when using it in the wrong circumstances it can cause problems.

One of the most frequent cases, the use of conventional drywall in bath or for finishing of slopes of Windows. The result is the porous structure of this material promotes mold growth, the pores of which poison man. To prevent the risk of infection, need to properly equip the slopes, to use moisture resistant plasterboard and treat it with fungicides.

in addition, while working with sheets of gypsum Board can be inhaled too much plaster dust, which will cause irritation of the mucous membrane, and with it the development of respiratory diseases. To prevent this, you need to hang drywall in a special mask.

Another danger is posed by cheap Chinese materials. Of course, during repairs, want to save money, but it is fraught with serious health problems. The fact that the cheap drywall included formaldehyde and phenolic compounds that poison the human body. To avoid such situation, you need to carefully approach the choice of drywall.

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