Led display screen for stage: features and benefits

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continue to find wide application in modern life they are increasingly found in places of entertainment plan, namely, to restaurants, Nightclubs, theatres, Universities, DC and other institutions where performances are carried out, intended for a large audience.

the Main feature of these proposals is their versatility. The original forms of the monitor is allowed to be achieved through design flexibility, so we can talk about installing in any locations where there is a scene. The monitor in most cases consists of a special RGB-LEDs, which are combined into a single network and controlled by the controllers. With the participation of the computing device to the background of the scene you can display a variety of pictures and material in video format.

If to speak about the specific characteristics of these screens, you can select such as:

  • practicality;
  • the
  • the possibility of combination with other components in a single video project;
  • the
  • output. in the case of theatrical performances.
  • the
  • possibility to show a closeup of everything that happens on the stage;
  • the
  • maximum transfer colors;
  • the
  • simple installation.

it is Important to say that led screens are ubiquitous. And this is understandable because such a means of promotion of information considered to be quite effective. This is achieved in most cases due to a perfect quality of the image that is created only because of the LEDs. It is impossible not to focus on the fact that the technical capabilities of such models are superior to fit a video projection of the character.

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