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Today, a lot of people have different Hobbies, which help them to brighten up gray days and to relax during and after work. One of them is ping-pong (table tennis). Many companies even set up table tennis tables in the office, so employees could play in between work. Next, we consider the basic types of these tables and tell us about them, the employee that you can buy them.


Principal tennis tables:

indoor. This option is used in schools, homes, offices, and also for conducting sports competitions. In the case of using it on the street very quickly becomes unusable because it is not rated for the temperature swings and high humidity.

street. This option is set on the ground, has a countertop made of aluminium, melamine or steel, protected against mechanical damage and the adverse effects of weather. These tables are divided into categories such as:

  • Vandal-proof. It is a monolithic option that is not transported and does not add up;
  • Weatherproof. Tabletop made of melamine or plastic, often has a layer of aluminum. These materials are designed for bright sun, wind, and precipitation;
  • Moisture proof. The top is made of plywood, to secure which uses formaldehyde glue. This table perfectly brings summer dew, fog and precipitation.

Classification tennis tables the level of players:

  1. Amateur. They are equipped with a countertop, small thickness and weighing less than 70 kg, a mesh, and a convenient transportation system and fold-in;
  2. Advanced. They are characterized by a greater thickness of the countertop, rather than Amateur, and weighing up to 100 kg. are Often equipped with additional mesh, and the holder for rackets and balls;
  3. Professional. Have the greatest thickness of the countertop and weighing up to 200 kg This equipment is mandatory is certified by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation).

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