Is it better to rent or buy equipment/used?

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In the domestic market increasingly offers road-building equipment used, brought from abroad, the price is very attractive. Companies that spetsializiruyutsya road construction, urban communications and other facilities are increasingly facing a difficult choice what is better: buying or renting? We propose to consider, in some cases, better rental value, and in which the purchase of construction equipment.

When in the short term, you must perform a number of works on construction or reconstruction of the roadway, would be the most beneficial decision and here's why. The cost of renting equipment is based on two indicators: time and the range of its delivery to the construction site. All work can be performed online, thereby saving a huge amount of funds. Rental of road construction equipment is the right solution when all the units of technical means in the work, and the company offers a lucrative contract. Note that the undeniable advantage of renting is the opportunity to take in the use of equipment with necessary add-ons to narrow attachments that provides a specific type of work. Short term rental also helps to reduce waste, the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

when should I buy equipment/used?

the Acquisition of construction equipment used/is appropriate only in one case if the company provides a range of services on construction and repair of the road surface. The need of having its own Park of necessary equipment is extremely important, so rent would be extremely impractical, especially in long-term projects.

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