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old Age awaits each person. It is worth noting that over the years, we even do not notice how gradually begin to get older. As a rule, old age comes quite easily and at the most inopportune moment. Over time, a man begins to show a variety of pathology and disease. He loses attention and concentration. It does not allow for an elderly person taking care of themselves. Of course, most of us tries to do everything to keep our native elders feel comfortable and was not deprived of attention. Meanwhile, the heavy workload, personal life and all sorts of problems leave very little time to socialize with the elderly.

Employees in old age is very often in need of care more than a small child. Moreover, it is very sensitive to lack of attention. It is worth noting that grandparents have a lot of time outdoors, what to do in an urban setting is almost impossible. In this case, the solution may become a private Guesthouse, situated in the village of Toksovo, which are located in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Here for old people created all the conditions that allow everyone to experience the maximum care and attention.

the Elderly are accommodated in comfortable cottages with a modern renovation. The boarding houses are equipped with necessary furniture and modern appliances. In his free time, grandparents have the opportunity to chat, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, play Board games, read books. It is worth noting that offers full care and the elderly with disabilities. The pension collected by a qualified staff, each of which has the strictest selection. You always at any time will be able to visit their relatives.

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