Writing articles for money online: What you need to know?

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Sale of articles (i.e. the ) is 1 of the best and well-paid methods of earning online. More recently, in the Global Web have a great opportunity to get money even from home by writing and selling their own unique texts. Earn on writing articles every educated person who can write the content that will be of interest to the reader. Let's say you know how to write interesting become, what next? Who they can sell to earn some money?

Sell your articles on content exchanges, this is where you can get decent wages for his own work. All you need is to choose your market and start earning money by writing articles. In order to facilitate the task to you, then we will consider the most popular and well-known exchange content, which will provide you a decent income.


TOP 5 exchanges of content:

today, the most popular stock exchanges of content are:

  • ADVEGO. This is 1 of the largest stock exchanges of content, as well as other services for websites. Successfully doing the work and gaining experience, after two or three months you can earn $ 300 - 1 tis. per month;
  • eTXT.ru. This exchange is also among the leaders. It is absolutely not inferior to competitors. Copywriters here earns an average of $ 300;
  • TEXT.ru. This is a very decent and attractive content exchange which provides a good income. Here you will have a great chance to prove himself in the role of copywriter + make money online articles on a lot of money;
  • TextSale.ru. This is nothing but a supermarket of unique texts. This exchange is considered to be the greatest service of sale/purchase of content. After gaining my rating after a few months, your profit from sales of the articles on this site work will be $ 500 per month;
  • Copylancer. This resource is an exchange of copywriting No. 1, staffed by true professionals. Copywriters working on this exchange write nearly perfect code (in terms of uniqueness, mistakes, meaning, etc.).


Writing articles for money is the most accessible kind of earnings in the Global Web, can bring a good income. Therefore, if You nice know how to write interesting, unique articles (copyright), or a good them to retell (rewrite), or know some foreign language (most popular is English, Chinese and German) and are able to translate texts, then you should not waste time - sign up on the exchange of content and start to earn decent money.

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