Accreditation of branches: What you need to know?

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Western corporations open on the territory of the Russian Federation branches for the implementation of activities related to the business so assume property obligations in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Commercial activities on the territory of the Russian Federation can be carried out from the start of registration until the registration is complete. To avoid bureaucratic red tape and registration of all documents is possible with the help of professional lawyers. Today it is not very simple, therefore, recommended to go to Herman Smith for the support of business.

Open branch

Many large foreign corporations are interested in opening branches on the territory of Russia, are interested by the new possibilities. For example, the branch has the right to participate in the auction, to advertise, to trade, to sell goods and services in Russia. Official representation is not a simple branch, exercising control of the property, but also sells commercial functions. Foreign branches and representative offices, in accordance with the laws of the country are not legal. persons that allows you to work accordingly with the rules of the corporations who created them.

From 2015 accreditations does the state tax service. In the field of aviation foreign companies should apply to the Federal air transport Agency, in all other cases with the IRS.

If there are grounds for refusal of registration, the accrediting organ has the right to register a branch within 25 working days from the date of application. Registration body within three working days from the date of entry of accreditation representative, send an email to the Federal extra-budgetary funds for registration of the branch in the quality of the insured. After registration, the representative office shall issue the accreditation certificate.

if you Need the help of lawyers?

Without a doubt, to accompany registration of a branch in need of legal assistance specialists who will collect the necessary documents, pay all costs, uvezut issues with the registration authorities. You will just have to get ready of the certificate of accreditation. It needs to associate with representatives of Herman Smith . For realization of commercial activity and sales on the territory of Russia need professional legal support.

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