Why Forex is very often compared to a casino?

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Forex (international currency market) is quite often compared to a casino game, although in reality this common assertion has absolutely no compelling reason and very far from reality. So why a huge number of experts of the currency market believe that all the success in the Forex depend purely on your personal luck of the trader, and the events could not be predicted and are subject exclusively to blind chance?

the Answer to this question is very simple - he "is just on the surface". All Forex traders, by and large, can be divided into 2 categories:

  • those who work (their minimum)
  • those who are playing (it is the most extensive).

of Course, for the 2nd group of people (called the players ), Forex is gambling (e.g. in casinos, which are now a great many. By the way, visiting the website can verify this personally), but not methodical analysis of the market situation and their daily hard work. Also, why are all the "hacks" revelatory articles on the subject of lottery and Forex, instantly forget about the fact that in the currency market, unlike roulette or Lotto, you can very accurately predict where to move quotes and to receive a stable profit that will be purely knowledge and experience of the trader.

1-in the stone in the garden is the absence of any guarantee of profit in the end trade on Forex. This argument often like to operate with new traders who doubt their own professionalism. Ignoring the fact that the strong volatility of the Forex is not high risk to lose all your money like a good opportunity to earn big. But it is the lack of experience that gives you the opportunity to apply the volatility in the international currency market for their own purposes, transformerait the banal trade in a rather dangerous undertaking with a chance of winning, which is even odds of hitting jackpot in a casino.

no matter How it was strange, but the dealing centers are the same sources of doubt traders-losers is that Forex = casino. Because the process of trading is vnebirzhevyh trading, all contracts on the exchange are not registered, which in turn leads to a conflict of interests between a trader and a dealing center. Of course, we are talking about kitchen companies in which the applications of their clients on the foreign Forex market will never fall, and cooked inside the dealing center. In the majority of cases, customers ' orders are satisfied through the counter orders of other traders this kitchen organization, of course, obligasi Commission broker. But when the kitchen has no need of a counter order, then in commercial transactions, the dealing center will have to take a seat the opposite side, but then a conflict arises the profit of the trader will be dealing center loss that, in turn, the latter will never happen.

it turns out that cooking dishonest brokers who don't are just deceiving their own clients, but also undermine the reputation of honest dealing centers, which are working under a brokerage model plus fuel doubts beginners that Forex is the real casino, win in which almost not possible.

From the above, we can recommend to all Forex traders is not to put players who are looking for thrills, concluding without proper trading experience is very risky deals, and also wisely to choose a broker. Stick to the quite simple rules and Forex immediately cease to be a casino.

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