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Frequently, a variety of pictures that draw in the imagination of our fellow workers tour. firms and companies that promote employment in Albion, diverge significantly from real life. Even visiting the UK as a tourist, it is impossible to know the real life in this European country.

Soon after moving here for permanent residence and started to work here, you can see the "underside" of life in England. Also a great helper in the study inside the UK will be ru-uk.net.

to Say that real life in this country is purely of the negative aspects, of course, impossible. Rather, it is the accumulated experience, obtained by tamping of cones.

Let's look at some of the most important aspects of life at Albion, namely, of salary and taxes.

the 1st question that I ask our compatriots who want to learn about the life in the UK is: "what is there average salary?". For example, in the capital (London) it is higher than in other cities, but here above all else. So, if you compare the % ratio of the cost of living and wages, the result in the various cities will be similar.

So, min wage without taxes that you can expect is a little over $ 6 per hour.

considering that the size of the minimal tax in the UK is 10 %, it comes out to about $ 900 per month. In practice, our compatriots working at Albion, this amount is enough to hire not the best room on the outskirts of London, sitting on potatoes and bread, and have a minimum amount of pocket money.

If you increase your spending on food, the pocket means, respectively, disappear. Taxes in the UK represent a very flexible system that tightly bound directly to the level of wages. Depending on how you work, taxes will range from 20 to 54 %.

i.e., most rich people give to the state Treasury 50 % of their earnings. And it's only 1-but the evidence that life in the UK differs significantly from our national characteristics.

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