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Anime is the most popular in the world of animation genre, which look adults, Teens and children. His style filmed classics of world literature and produce movies for adults. Now, according to statistics in the world there are about 17 tis. shot cartoons in this style. Anime that almost 100 years ago emerged in Japan, confidently sweeping the land, as the main cartoon genre.

Next, we consider the three taken in the Japanese tradition of feature-length cartoons, which will help to get rid of the prejudice that this genre was created Sotho confined to teenagers and nerds, and just have a good night. Will help us about this chief editor of the site animaunt.ru that you can free of different genres, and the convenience and the professional voice will make the view unforgettable.



This anime-cartoon filmed in the 80's, which shows the tale of post-industrial vehicles and robots. The story revolves around the war of good and evil Transformers Deseptikonov that occur on planets Leeton and unicorn. Both camps are fighting for Allspark (a substance that is necessary for Decepticons to gain dominance in the whole space).


spirited away

Hayao Miyazaki is a magician and the legend that gave the tale to adults and children in the whole world. Spirited away are full-length anime tape, which was filmed according to all canons multfilmov Walt Disney, only with a Japanese soul.

the Plot of this cartoon takes place in a magical surreal city that "reigns" the witch Yubaba. This place gets a girl, Chihiro, as a result, she is trapped because her parents turned into pigs, and in order to rescue them from this captivity, she is working to Ubabe. In so doing, it helps her new friend Haku that Chihiro later saves the life. By the way in 2003, this film won the Oscar and became a classic of the genre.


Catchers of forgotten votes

This tape lasts about 2 hours. The main heroine of the tape - the schoolgirl Asuna very early lost his father and living with mother. Most of my free time she spends alone because her mother works the night shift at a local hospital. Asuna is very good to learn, but she has not many friends. In the evening she walks on the hillside, where with the help of the crystal, remaining her from the Pope, listening to an old radio. But one day on the way to her hill she becomes the object of attacks by huge establishment, from which she was rescued by a young man, whose name is Xiong. A few days later the girl finds out that her new friend is killed and goes to Agharta (subterranean world), in order to meet him.

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