Ten reasons grove bought the console Sony PlayStation 4

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Rsena - purchase grove console hi, datsa usually foldable, vanadom je lachey ti hameri, yaki vzhe pridbati console I just beauty ENOVITIS to "Suchasna" wars, for example, to jump s Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 4 or PS3.

Ale yakscho vie all life has grali only on comp uter I Raptor "zagoria" DEU pridbati new console, it should be viviti VSI, nuance suchasnih consoles. They have, in Parveen s Tim same comp to view these files, . . svo? pros MOSI, sogodni mi pogovorim about perch, that in znachni Mr previout Nedeli.

Mi zbrani VSI onown reason to buy PlayStation 4 today, after reading that I Viscusi VI vzhe you can residual viznitsa s wlasnymi emacine origami I razumno of rasstavit of priorities. Chi gotov VI platiti for igri dodatkow serve dwellers Mati access to one s best Igor? By the way, pridbati .


Reason chomu Varto bought a PS4:

  • Exclusive igri. Odnu z basic reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 mozhna nazvati NavNet potuznik Exclusiv, primarily TSE Stari, VDOM title, zrazok "God Of War", "Heavy Rain", "Last Of Us". Some of them previewstate for consol new pokolinnya, prodovzhennja NSIH same prisutni bude tilki on PS4 (PS3 vlasnici "Pratt"). In this Sony better vsih - really, askrabic Igor have compan in Razi bilshe, than at the head of the rival Xbox One from Microsoft;
  • Good grafica. Not deplaces on those scho developers from tilki-tilki pocha raskryvat potential mozhlivosti PlayStation 4, vzhe at once for consoles yea koopa Igor s gtnow graphy. In maibutnyogo quality grafti Bodo rosti and produktivnosti wherein zbrisati shte bilshe Yak TSE Bulo " z PS3 still "from the start" vocabluary max z Salza developers from not mozhut;
  • do Not need mucicola z patches / lastusername. On vdmo od comp PC console "traditio" Lege have vikoristannya. Buying the latest Far Cry or Assassins Creed bagato koristuvach PC steel skarzhitisya on those scho Gras they wambles zapuskatsja SOSM, ABO W IgE, ale z motorole-nizkim FPS. Only now, through tiinv be called a few more after release, zaplativ product gameri smugly, otrymaty Yogo "vipassanaa" Stani. On consoles such spottergijs not practical, the scheme is simple - I bought Gras;
  • Mozliwosci in advance of download GRU. By the way, prodoljaute topic Gradac, navti "cacati" h kudi zruchna I likely, than on a PC. As for casw popularnost PlayStation 3, if 4-Ki has on Gorizont not Bulo, oftime magazine Gris that dodatku Sony sowela problem s pochinenny content. Gras, bought for poperedni zamovlennya, avantajoasa USA Beauchene practical odnochasno. And TSE - Niska shvidki I "obreve" contact'yazku. Now Sony daє mozliwosci in advance of download GRU on release ako of zaplanovano on najblizszy hour, you dozvoliti conception grati vdras after, the Yak project "wide in Svit";
  • Wanona cheap PS4. Pokey has the PlayStation 4 console can be bought for about 8000 UAH, the price maibutnyogo, perhaps, Droste using the dollar exchange rate, which in znachni Mr smyvka. Deacon it seems, scho TSE bagato, DL W - gravage device TSE duzhe little. In 5-10 years, that of rozruchowego gitti cycle konsol PS 4, VI "upgraded" or just pridbati again decla comp uteru. Good car state, at least, 10 tis. UAH, that is the same for grashok console kudi vigansky it turns out in the long perspective;
  • Zruchni I funkcjonalny DualShock 4. A whole hour before consolle mi s held a gamepad in our hands, that Yogo features I trust vihodyat practical on the first meeting place in wibor consoles. To gamepads Sony, that is not practical sminutes s perso vers and stout only better, VSI vzhe twicli. The stench rotable specjalno for ruchnogo grip I 99 % gamers stink blastout pouncey, of course, after Xbox ABO comp PC bude need a few days for svecana, ale javnih mosw DualShock for PS4 no;
  • Shirak Socal features. Sony zrobila practical powinno socalo Trammel the PlayStation Network, which dozvola digitise hto scho gra, Delicia vrezannymi from Gradac, and also zapisovat videos right pid hour Gris I lead translat. All TSE robotica for DOPOMOGA ODN specjalno buttons without zivich ruhv TLA. On that comp uter for recording gravage processes you dovedetsja, dokupit special divice (dwellers FPS not prodav through navantazhennya on the comp'lately) and has "poshamanit" dwellers nastupati broadcast;
  • Papisca PlayStation Plus. Unfortunately, the recent Sony literally "Susila" vsih oformiti Qiu papisca without ne STE nemolivier Gras merezhi on PS4. Paying neveliko bag VI Otremba CLI a number preview before zvichayniy koristuvacha ale itself primta - TSE dealings by bezkoshtovnih Igor. Monthly developers from otrymaty you are given, be called a few more of VARTA proektu absolutely free of charge, scho fee for papisse on year okupaetsya vzhe after 1-2 atrimana Igor;
  • the Only account I vsata c PS Vita. If you have her in nayavnost poperedni console - PS3 or portable Vita, you can use one alcove records I 1 well papisca (about the Yak mi said vise), placowki to dosit skromno bag for mozliwosci otrisovat "podarunki" wiggled bezkoshtovnih Igor. Plus up to tsogo - je mozliwosci grati "Dorel" igri za PS4 on the Vita, if you want to pagrati, razvalivshis on divan, ABO yakscho TV set of sainati relatives;
  • Bike into the future konsol. Sony vzhe nauchilsya are Robit consol complex, if poravnati the launch of the PS3 I ostannia - a whopping difference. Igri z'yavylysya vdras W, plus up to tsogo satriawan serve I koopa "bulock" in maibutnyogo us ablaut Marni gaming (pagrati in "Stari title" z PS3 I bagato NSA Igor VI you can Yak times so), plus up to tsogo mozhna Delicia kraskami zi svoj friends. Hoch console has dostatno young - vzhe - VSI neohd infections Gris, and pdht koopa has znamenitih proektu I Exclusiv (from serjoznih to "nicotine").

the conclusion of the

of Course, the PlayStation 4 viscacha I mosv, ale blesst them nadaman, ABO W will wipable nayblyzhchym hour. For example, robot z media do not organsaving Nalini rank, although TSE "small vtrata", after zi sway head punctu - zapuskat igri, PS4 spravlyaetsya Chudovo.

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