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every human Life is full of events, and not very joyful, memorable and mundane, but sooner or later it will come to an end. The closer, dearer was the person, the severity of loss more painful and naturally have a desire to do something to perpetuate his memory. One of the best options today is the manufacture of marble and granite sculptures at the burial site. Extensive experience in this area has company STONEMART, one aspect of which is the production of exclusive monuments and full memorials. More information about the products can be found in the online catalogue by clicking the link .


Marble and granite statues production STONEMART are constantly growing in demand. No matter how sad it may sound, but along with the high quality and variety of products one of the reasons for this popularity is the high level of mortality. Given the level of life, constant stress, the fighting in the East, the age limit has dropped significantly and it leaves a deep wound in the soul of all his family and friends.

In this situation there are two logical solutions:

  1. to Use the standard cheap monuments, leaving it as featureless and the same type of burial as most of the rest in any cemetery;
  2. the
  3. to Use the offer sculptors STONEMART and create exclusive, memorable and worthy of the memory of the deceased composition.

this sculpture is a separate art form that has its roots in the middle Ages, but remains relevant today. Moreover, marble is used as a raw material, allows you to recreate any fine details.

Offers and benefits

In our online catalog you can find a huge number of sculptures depicting an angel in one or another position. Such popularity is explained by the fact that the angel for many centuries symbolizes innocence and purity. However, we are ready to fulfill any order at the request of the client. As materials you can select plastic and the more expensive marble or cheaper and more durable granite. their products will be durable enough.

Every customer is guaranteed to count on the following benefits:


    a Wide selection of exclusive tracks; the

  • High quality and best price;
  • the
  • Efficiency in carrying out its tasks;
  • the
  • Individual approach to the client.

We work so that the memory of man had been stored for decades.


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