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the Accountant is one of the most risky jobs. Legislation which they are forced to work, very complex, accountants have a huge responsibility. One mistake can lead to bankruptcy of the enterprise. Competent work of an accountant who keeps records correctly, enables the chief to see what's going on with the enterprise, its profitability. And it inspires confidence in the future to all the staff.

accountant, heavy and dull, remember her only in the days of salary and repayment of payments at the end of the month. But in any accountant lives a little - but the writer, poet, artist, actor, star of show business! Any accountant could become a celebrity!

But - maybe even one celebrity to be an accountant? Here are some Pr-technologies can not do. Here, you know, to think and to be good to consider need... to Become a professional in this field will help the School of Accountancy and audit "Horizon": where they can get courses in St. Petersburg.

Look at the photo. They are all accountants. On their reliable shoulders of women rests largely medicine the entire district. From their professionalism, responsibility and attention depend on the timely acquisition of the hospitals with the necessary medicines for immediate assistance, new equipment, payments for energy and utilities, financial payments, reports and many other calculations, which means the stability of the hospital. It is the accountants Central accounting Department of the Kirov district hospital.

This friendly close-knit team of professionals headed by the chief accountant, the Wolf Larisa Leonidovna. She's shy, gentle man, a true professional of his craft, enjoys well-deserved respect and authority among his subordinates, and among colleagues from other agencies and organizations, strives to put his soul in every human being. And that she can because she loves her job.

"All of our accountants - well done, - says Larisa Leonidovna. - Inspired work efficiently, and strive for constant improvement, learning all the innovations and changes that perfectly know their work, and work in common."

indeed, gathered here are real professionals, most with experience of more than 20 years, Picinisco Galina Stepanovna, [ Oksana p., Dzyubenko, Natalya, Svizhenko Natalia, and the youth they are not far behind: Schaefer Nadezhda Leonidovna, Zaika Lesia N., Didenko L. M., constantly learning from experience and sharing their already the latest knowledge. It should not be forgotten, and separated from the accounting Department and the Deputy chief doctor on economic issues Ryabets, Natalia Vladimirovna.

"the Deputy chief accountant of Picinisco Galina Stepanovna is possible to speak and say, - says Larisa Leonidovna. - She works for 35 years, however, we are not ready to let her go into retirement. Having a phenomenal memory, she remembers a lot of cases, stories and solutions to any accounting difficulties."

Here they are accountants. Reliable, organized and thoughtful staff who so skillfully combine experience and creativity, knowledge and innovative approach in solving complex tasks.

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