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Today, when to find a good job with a decent salary becomes more and more difficult, question of earnings in the Global Web wonder more and more people having access to the Internet. Work at home in the global network has become quite popular and there are many reasons:

  • the ability to build schedule;
  • the absence of the Manager - you are your own boss;
  • earnings proportionate and wasted effort - the more a person works the more he earns.

Next, we take a closer look at the methods of earnings in the Global Web and tell us about them, the author of the blog where you can find a lot of interesting information about .


Most popular methods of earning online:

  • Nanesenie articles. This is the most popular method of earn money online. In this case, the income depends on your skills and experience;
  • Comments. Is the younger brother of the first method of earnings. Today many well-known professional copywriters began their journey with him. This method of earnings brings much less income than writing articles;
  • Advertising. This method is like those people, Korhogo have their own web sites or blogs. In order to obtain a normal income, it is necessary that traffic to your site was at least 100 targeted visitors a day. Pay-per-click depends on the topic of the website and can range from 1 ruble and up to $ 100 (this is not the limit!!!);
  • Clicks, and social. network. In order to make these methods you just need to visit certain websites to do a specific job, to join the group, put the huskies, subscribe to the mailing list, answer questions, etc.;
  • captcha. This is the easiest method of earn money online, however at the same time, the most tedious and the most underpaid. You simply need to enter the numbers and letters from the image that appears;
  • Paid surveys. This is a very informative and interesting method of earnings. After registering on the dedicated website, to your e-mail will receive invitations to participate in surveys, after which you will receive a reward;
  • Pictures. This method of earnings is suitable for the natural photographers. So, if you have high quality pictures that are idle, then be sure to register on specialized websites and sell your creations (by the way, there are sites on certain pay as for selling photos, and downloads;
  • Team. This method is more like people who have their own web site, however it is also available for ordinary people who have their own pages in the social. networks. The essence of the earnings is very simple: you register on spec. sites, get your referral link to a product (service) and if by clicking on your link people will buy it, you will get a certain % of the value of the goods (services).

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