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the concept of "flow" originated from the English. the word "stock" that translated to keep in stock either the stock . Ie, store runoff is a commercial facility which sells goods remains. 1st runoff appeared a few decades ago due to the fact that in the hands of the commercial networks, by the end of all seasons was a huge amount of clothing from last season. And we had somehow to fight. And then got the idea to open separate stores that will sell these remnants of shoes and clothing.

The idea caught on and very soon the stock has occupied a significant place in the market. In the US and the EU, the business has long gone on the huge momentum and often in terms of sales even competes with the new collections. And in Ukraine stock stores became popular directly after the greatly increased cost Turkish and Chinese clothes, and as a result, the middle class and lower middle class could not afford to buy it. By the way, if you are interested , you can buy it in the online store: imex-lux.com.ua.

the Main feature of the effluents is that here all things are sell at a big discount, as a result, the difference in price with the clothing brand of the effluent reaches 70 to 80 percent.


types of flow:

  • Factory (factory). This is the original footwear and clothing that, due to various reasons (the excess, the failure of the trade network directly from the whole or part of the party) did not leave the factory warehouses;
  • Dealer. This type of runoff is the product that is purchased by wholesalers of. manufacturers that were not sold in full volume in stores. In the EU, the collection, the average lives of 3-ri month and have a trading network in which this term is: 14 - 30 days. Therefore, if the collection contains 9 tees. units of clothing (shoes), and throwie network bought for only 5 thousand, the manufacturer must either find a new client or to sell the remains of the collection stock wholesalers;
  • Warehouse. This product can either be distinguished as separate varieties of the drain, or can be attributed to the remnants of the dealers or retailers. The complete set and quality of this runoff better than the store, since it almost all with tags, is size ranges, and packaged without small marriage, that can appear directly during fittings.
  • Shopping networks. The large majority coming into Ukraine runoff refers to the species. By the way, in the West, the runoff is also the most common. This includes clothes that have not been sold after discounts and for the season, which accumulate on special. warehouses, in order to then sell it to wholesalers or send to stock stores in the EU.

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