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if most of society worried about the problem of excess weight, bodybuilders athletes - professional and Amateurs - are more concerned about the question of the content of excess fat tissues. They make it impossible to achieve such a coveted pack abs and muscle relief. Our Internet store can help in solving this problem, offering efficient and .

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Today, the professional bodybuilding and fitness clearly associated with taking all kinds of food and pharmaceutical products. Different steroids, anabolics, amino acids create a mildly controversial opinion in society. However, those who have already started to do sports, you know that only one physical exercise you can achieve results up to a point, until the natural anabolic processes prevail over catabolic. Otherwise, there is no increase in load or reduction will not affect the outcome of the training.

to Move a process forward can special food supplements that affect metabolism. For example, a fat burners are called food, which intensifies the process of disintegration of fat cells. The mechanism of action of each additive may be different, so complex are called fat burners, which differ not one, but multiple routes of exposure. In practice, this means that you need to combine several additives with different effects to get a more extensive effect.


the Composition of such complex food additives can be mixed. It can include, for example, of a mixture of thermogenic, carb blockers, fats, stimulants of hormone production. In practice allowed such a combination of components that allows you to create 3-4 lever of influence on fat loss.

In this process, the important point is a balanced combination of individual elements of the mix, which is absolutely safe against each other. The advantage of this approach is fairly obvious: this eliminates the possibility of negative consequences from a combination of different, narrow fat burners.

the Composition of complex additives is mainly based on the following components:

  • Ephedrine stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite;
  • the
  • Caffeine is a synthetic psychomotor stimulant, reducing feelings of fatigue and physical activity;
  • the
  • Guarana - a natural caffeine extract of the seed of the creeper. Increases the overall energy level of the body;
  • the
  • L-carnitine - helps to reduce cholesterol, activates lipid metabolism;
  • the
  • Bala - extract seeds sandalistas, the action is similar to L-carnitine, but considerably exceeding it in efficiency.

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