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Sberbank , ldera in banksiana segment Russie mayzhe in the usih napramku of work I proponowanych of the hotel. Kreditni cardow products Sberbank smooth Pdet sobi VSI categor population: from students to privlacan osib. Oformiti online application for the card can Yak at vdln, so I sit on, more details read . Rsena on applications for registration of creditno kartki Sberbank to come to dosit Shvidko.


Features kreditnih cards of Sberbank:

  • NavNet cards vsih plating systems;
  • NavNet statusna I zvicina cards;
  • Mozliwosci cristobalite credit LNU free of charge, vykorystovuyutsia bezugsquell period;
  • Ndial umove for skin Clit;
  • NavNet Bosnich programs;
  • Mozliwosci producing momentalni cards at the moment zvernennya to vdden;
  • a Wide range of mozhlivosti vikoristannya Carty;
  • NavNet blagodijnij products and for relief funds;
  • Navnt of korendowych programs.

in order dwellers become vlasnikom of Cardi s kreditimi the Costa, need Vdovin will nastepnym imogam scho wauwautosa Bank:

  • bootie a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • wmove obmezhennya sklada from 21 to 65 years;
  • mother postino restrau in REGON prisutnost vdden;
  • segalini experience trudovo diyalnosti od 1st rock push stroke poperedni 5 years, ostannia f work from 6 MSS.;
  • stable source of income;
  • positive credit history.

If you don't zadovoljna imogam the Bank, then the card will not give you. Requirements from Bank RSN.

For registration kreditno of kartki Sberbank necessary nadati of nastupni Perak dokumentu:

  • Obov Askov. Passport;
  • choice. SNES, PN, vodisek law, international passport, vescovi ticket, posven derekwebb, dowdy about dahd W-2 with form robotodavets for poperen 6 MS., Sarena copy vipiska trudovo books employment contract, certificate IN, posven lawyer.

Sberbank, perhaps otrymaty map on the special umovah for:

  • zarplatnykh CLT;
  • yaki trimout pension through the Bank;
  • vkladnik;
  • ducich basically.

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