Theatre or cinema: which is better to visit?

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Now in theaters go less and less people. The art of the theatre seems people do not understand. But the truth is there are those who this situation is like. For example, theatre-goers believe that the theatre can understand not all (they are clearly implying that the majority of people are narrow-minded, while they themselves praise).

But be that as it may, today the theater is very different and, as a result, in Tyuzah very active in raising new theatrical delivery, and it shows already . By the way, today to buy tickets for the various performances you can even not leaving your home. In most cases, the price depends on the actors that play in specific performance and from the theatre.


Should I go to the theatre?

of Course! This should be done even due to the fact that all people should be used as a food material and spiritual. True spiritual food you can find also different, for example, in:

  • cinematography
  • books;
  • communicating with different interesting people.

the Theatre is quite subjective. The whole point is that theatrical performances are also put people. He had a very long talk about the genius of a particular work, but in reality a theatrical production is only his subjective vision that the vast majority of cases does not coincide with the author's vision of this production.

And we have not talked about experimental theaters in which hamlet saying about poor Yorick looks at chanoinesse pumpkin with burning candle inside, not on the skull, and Ophelia flies around the stage until the end of the play, not sink.

of Course, it is recommended to visit the classical performances, which are often played by leading actors. That is why to buy tickets on them for six months before the show, and the ticket price can be compared with a brand new TV.


Cinema entertainment of all people

of Course, movies today are much more interested in young people. What to think about the eternity of the being of the soul, which is imposed on the producer with pronounced mental health problems, when you can go to the next episode of Star Wars .

Classic Russian literature, accumulates everything that concerns the life of people in Russia (the former, nynishnie and future) available in the global web on the 1st click of the mouse and even there is no need to buy something. We just have to reach out and take . This direct communication with the author frees people from the thoughts imposed from outside and allows you to get answers to all the questions.



There are people who prefer film, and there are fans of the theatre. Here the choice is a matter of taste of each individual. So feet in hands and run for "spiritual food"!

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