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feedback about the psychologist it is quite a sensitive topic. Any self-respecting psychological center is mandatory to place on your own web site customer reviews, but there are a few things to tell and tell us about them Kiev, psychologist Richard Tuley: .


1st time

Each psychologist works individually. You ask: "What does that mean?". And what if his specialization matches your request, does not mean that the psychologist is right for you. It is unlikely you will find a versatile psychologist who, for example, will be able to help you with unrequited love, breakup or divorce. This leads to the conclusion that if he helped one person, then the 2nd he could age or some personal qualities and not be suitable.


2nd time

Psychological help is something very personal. And experience with a professional psychologist is often almost no one wants to tell. That is why the majority of patients have no idea how they can write a review about the work of the psychologist. His intimate and personal, often want to hide from the limelight, and many people think that if they write under a nickname, they are still someone might find out.


the 3rd

This is the problem of attitude and professionalism. All psychologists work within a specific approach, for example the psychoanalytic. But whatever it was, a professional approach, never from the psychologist will not make a magician, capable of using 100% of the people who approached him for help. Anyway, in the 1st turn, an important personality of the specialist.



For psychological center is most important, so that his clients write reviews because other people still they are oriented and begin to trust more. But, rather, it is the credibility of the center and not to a specific specialist. There is the fact that often the person gives opinion about the psychologist only at the request of the supervisor, and the specialist, are unlikely to be asked of the client: I helped you, please leave feedback about my work . Ie is primarily the work of the Director of the psychological center.

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