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the Escort service is quite popular activity among the beautiful young people. If the demand for escorts in our country is very large, with boys the case is different. Not used our socialite to appear at receptions, media parties, accompanied by elegant young men. In reasons not to be a stickler. Back to the services that have girls. Conditionally they can be divided into several types:

  • support of business;
  • the
  • support for the reception;
  • the
  • leisure time with people who come on business;
  • the escort abroad.

it is Important to note that depending on the type of escort determined by the cost of a working hour model.

Support for a business meeting the standard form of escort. From the girl requires a nice appearance, etiquette and ability to maintain a conversation on any topic. This girl acts as a beautiful complement to the man. She emphasizes its status and helping to successfully conclude negotiations with partners.

Support for a reception also refer to standard types of escorts. Requirements are identical with business negotiations. In addition to the rules of etiquette need to be able to hold a conversation on Okaloosa topics art, culture, books, etc.

Leisure time with people on business trips can be called an unusual situation. His offer, not all escort agencies. A distinctive feature of leisure is that it is probable that the desire of the client to continue the evening in his room. Not every model is ready, in addition to the support and entertainment of guest, to provide additional services. And Agency with strict Statute do not accept such frivolity. Therefore, it is better to initially order escortes with the implication of an intimate relationship.

Escort abroad one of the most costly types of services. First, you need to pay for the costs of flights, accommodation and meals in another country. Second, the huge role is and the purpose for which the client takes the lady with him. For business negotiations need escortss, fluent in a foreign language. For a pleasant stay, suitable and comely, cheerful girl. Additional costs in the form of surprises, shopping and gifts, depend solely on the desires of the customer.

Important point at the conclusion of the contract on overseas escorts in advance to provide for the possibility of sexual services. Beautiful architecture, the romance of the sea or the old cities of Europe evoke a romantic mood.

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