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property rental

Each segment of rental housing has its own pricing rules. Luxury real estate in the capital is defined by its factors, the cost of country houses also Properties for Rentis calculated when comparing signs of a specific object with all similar offers, and cheap apartments and objects of middle price category are advertised according to their own criteria. Now I would like to tell you about what determines the rental price on Moscow housing of economy class.

rental propertiesIf you are the owner of the apartment, then you probably have already interested in this issue. Its quite possible that you have even looked advertising on the Internet or addressed in capital real estate agencies, but an accurate understanding of the prices you have not achieved. There are a lot of ads in the network, but half of them are the usual "baits". Such objects has never existed, and realtors by using this advertising are simply looking for clients. real estate rentAnother part of the variants at markedly lower prices are posted by news agencies, which don't settle nobody nowhere, and their commission, which is equal 3.5 thousand rubles take for mythical services, sell phones of the owners of not existing cheap variants.

apartment rentalThe second half of the proposals in the Internet is real, but its difficult to determine the exact value of your property through it. Something is located in another district, something has a smaller area and somewhere altogether renters are ready to take even a whole aul from Asia.

rent apartmentsIf you decide to ring up a few real estate agents, you'll see that the exact figures you will not be told even there. In most cases on office phones are sitting operators and managers for salary, instead of acting agents. Their goal is to attract to cooperation with this company. They will tell you clearly excessive figures to reach the exclusive servicing. renting an apartment in moscowNo, of course you can try to rent out your property more expensive of the market price, but its unlikely that you will succeed. You can let the lodgers who will move in the next month, you can lose a couple of weeks on empty screenings, and then put the real price. But no one will return you lost profits, and realtors will only shrug their shoulders. rent apartments in moscowCertainly, for a large sum you can also settle immigrants from Central Asia, but, as a rule, they live in rented apartments in tens. Are you ready for this?
Its better to rent out your property by its market value, which you can determine independently, evaluating the quality of real estate by the following parameters.

1. What will be the rental period? If you plan rental for a few years, then there will be more wishing on your variant, and monthly real estate rent in Moscow value of the object could increase by ten percent of the average market price. If you plan a seasonal rental, then you need to rent real estate much cheaper, directly proportional to the number of rental months. For example, a one-room apartment in Moscow for nine months, will cost 25 thousand rubles, and while rental of three months, it is meaningless to ask more than 20 thousand rubles a month for it.

2. Where your apartment is located? The closer to the center district is located, the more money housing сosts. If object is located property rental in Moscowwithin walking distance to the subway, then its value in the eyes of potential tenants is automatically increased, and they are ready to offer you quite good money. For example, a one room apartment at Peter-Razumovskaya street in five minutes from station costs 30 thousand rubles, objects which are placed further along Dmitrovsk highway, start from 23 thousand rubles a month!

3. What repairs? If you make a simple cosmetic repair, then housing can not costs much. If, at all, you offers "Grandma" version with the aroma of naphthalene, you can rent your housing by a minimal price for the given district. rent an apartmentPackage bundle of the room is also important. In rented apartments must be present: washing machine, refrigerator, sofa or bed, a pair of cupboards in the kitchen, wardrobe and TV. If there is no something of this, then be prepared to purchase the missing items or to bargaining. People who rent real estate, even for a little for the capital money, want to see at least a minimal comfort.

4. What is the area of your apartment? Small size apartment costs less than "Stalinka", and housing with a large kitchen will find the client faster than "Xruschevka".

5. Finally, look for the season, in which you have gathered to rent your housing. In September, the demand for apartments exceeds supply, so they cost apartment rental in Moscowslightly more expensive than usual, and in the spring too much "summer" version, where the owner rents the apartment for a few months and goes away to the cottage, because of what he has to reduce the price also on the long-term objects in order to quickly find tenants for them.

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