What is the role of official residence?

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Among the individualizing features of the physical persons in the sphere of private law in the first place are the name and official residence of physical persons. It is difficult to overestimate the value of the second physical characteristic of the person as a place of residence. A lot of cases when the same name, surname and patronymic of the two individuals.

However, the coincidence rate is unlikely. There is no branch of law which directly or indirectly have not used this concept. The determination of the content of the right to choose any place of residence, figuring out the ways of its implementation and limitations of the implementation produces effects, as a branch of private law and the field of public law, that is organically combined mandatory and discretionary methods, which help to regulate all social relations. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can visit the website: http://прописка1.рф.


Legal facts, which are directly connected with the place of residence of physical persons

  • With community law directly connects the origin and termination of a huge number of legal facts, which may in various ways affect all property status of a natural person.
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  • a Clear definition of the place of residence of physical persons is of great importance for the stability of civil turnover and civil relations. Fixation of the place of residence contributes to adequate protection of the wide range of rights, in particular civil, civil-procedural, labor, housing, electoral, tax.
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  • With the place of residence the law also binds the place of performance of the obligation. For example, if the place of performance of the given face of the obligation is not specified in the written contract, the enforcement of debt is often at the place of residence of that W of the lender.
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  • a Contract is drawn up in the place of residence of physical persons, which is making an offer to make a contract, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
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  • At the last place of residence of the deceased, to answer the legacy, etc.

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