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This type of ticks is a very important biological vectors of pathogens of various diseases of animals and humans. During bloodsucking can pass: Rickettsia, viruses, spirochetes, bacteria, Anaplasma, theileria and theileria spp.

the largest value argatova have mites (which belong to the family Argasidae), and Ixodes ticks (which belong to the family Ixodidae).

In the Ixodidae family includes a few genera, including, in turn, a couple hundred varieties. Ticks spread all over the world and are found even in Antarctica and the Arctic (Ixodes uriae is a mite that parasitizes on penguins and other birds). Absolutely all ticks are blood - sucking parasites. In Russia the great majority of cases of tick bites associated with 2 species of the genus Ixodes these parasites, and imeeno: mites of taiga (Ixodes persulcatus) and dog mites (Ixodes ricinus). These ticks are the main vector of tick-borne borreliosis and encephalitis, as well as some other diseases.

Ticks of the genus Ixodes are distributed in most parts of the Russian Federation from Primorski Krai to Kaliningrad. Also recently increased the number of bites and in the European part of Russia.

With the bites of several species of ticks are facing thousands of people, some of whom get sick on tick-borne Lyme disease and / or encephalitis, but people's knowledge about ticks and the diseases transmitted by them are very small. Ticks of the genus Ixodes involves a lot of superstition and speculation. Often, the media intimidate us, but not talk about Ixodes ticks.


How to deal with ticks?

prevention Methods:

  • Clear structures and areas of dead wood, fallen trees and unwanted vegetation;
  • Treatment is not protected parts of the body and outer clothing insecticide-repellent preparations, insect repellents;
  • protective clothing
  • immunisation
  • Regular checkups with your doctor to remove ticks
  • Preventive treatment acaricide means dangerous natural habitats.


  • Acaricidal treatment of pet animals;
  • indoor use repellent and insecticidal agents.

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