The main advantages of holidaying in Abkhazia


Abkhazia is a small sovereign state that is located in the North-Western part of the Caucasus on the Black sea coast. The resorts of Abkhazia is known throughout the land for their environmental friendliness and purity. There is a mind there that is not affected by man natural resources. These lands were very popular 20 years ago, but now they do not lose their relevance, especially for Russians. is what you need.


Natural beauty

Beautiful nature is the first and great advantage of holidaying in Abkhazia. First of all, it concerns the slender cypresses, the rocky mountains, rushing rivers, turbulent waterfalls and mirrored lakes... When you first look at it you will capture the spirit, the feeling of complete and infinite freedom. Natural pearl of Abkhazia is considered beautiful lake Ritsa, surrounded by greenery, large forests and shrubs. Words to describe this beauty is impossible. The magic country of fairy tales – in other words it is a place you will not name.

beautiful Black sea. In it they constantly splashing dolphins. The swimming season often open from may to October. The most hottest month of August is considered. Usually at this time the air temperature is 30 degrees. Many believe that the most comfortable environment to relax in this place is in September-early October.



the resorts of Abkhazia has a huge number of health centers and various hospitals. They offer a considerable number of procedures for recovery, including use of mineral water, massage baths, do a hand massage, and the treatment is carried out only by professional doctors.


Great kitchen

the Cuisine of Abkhazia is actually very gorgeous! They prepare delicious kebabs, make wonderful chicken in peanut sauce, Hominy and khachapuri. By the way, home Abkhazian wine is considered one of the very delicious because the taste is much better than many expensive French and Italian wines.

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