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what do you think, what should beat most of the best business books? Today in the world of Finance and business books for business appear almost every day. In addition, out of nowhere appears a huge number of mentors, coaches, teachers, each of whom wants to give people a revolutionary, new, unprecedented scheme of earning huge capital and success. But is it really? Often, the large majority of these trainers and they are not trying to earn big money, and their book is only the most that is not a conventional retelling of the well-known iconic business publications that influenced the fate of millions of people around the world.

Today, it is often slyshite questions like: What books are business best? That you can read? What kind of books should start moving towards success? etc. These questions are quite logical, and all budding entrepreneurs know that you have received today, quality information is the key to their future success. Nobody's working on anything and have no desire to waste your time reading empty books bogus guru business. That's why everyone wants to understand what are the best and what you want to pay attention.

If to be 100% honest, there are a couple of hundred good books, and list them all in this article is not real. That's why we provide you with TOP 10 most practical, interesting and popular business books. You ask how we chose them? Among the 3 different groups of people were surveyed: subscribers VK public, business owners and entrepreneurs, young startups and freelancers.

just want to note that we decided not to distribute the books, but just imagine you are ten books that deserve special attention.


TOP 10 business books:

  • "Rework";
  • the
  • "The Richest Man in Babylon";
  • the
  • "I like everything," Oleg Tinkov;
  • the
  • "Start", guy Kawasaki;
  • the
  • "From good to great", Jim Collins;
  • the
  • "Atlas shrugged";
  • the
  • " Business in the style of the Virgin", Richard Branson;
  • the
  • "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon hill;
  • the
  • "Think big and don't stop," Donald Trump
  • the
  • of the"Rich dad, poor dad", Robert Kiyosaki

But let's see what business books have highlighted Wikipedia: .

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