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the Crushed stone is a construction material produced by crushing and further sieving of rock.

Main har-Ki rubble:

  • mark of the compressive strength;
  • frost resistance
  • density
  • flakiness
  • the radioactivity of crushed stone;
  • faction.

by the Way, in Moscow and Moscow region to purchase gravel you can in the company "Vympel": . Depending on what he's made, there are 4 main types of gravel:

Crushed limestone

This material is a product of processing of limestone (sedimentary rock). Basically it consists of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and has the lowest cost.

This type of gravel is 3 factions: 4 - 7 cm 2 - 4 cm and 5 - 20 mm.

application field. This type of gravel is used:

  • in the glass industry;
  • in the printing industry;
  • in the manufacture of cement;
  • to create precast concrete products;
  • in the construction of roads with little traffic.

crushed Gravel

This material is produced as a result of crushing of a stone cliff or sieving pit rocks. This type of crushed stone on the compressive strength of the material is inferior to granite. Its advantages are low cost and low radiation background. There are 2 varieties of this building material:

  • the gravel is stones river or marine origin;
  • crushed gravel, derived from the processing of the rock.

This type of gravel is 4 factions: 2 - 4 cm, 0.5 to 4 cm, 0.5 - 2 cm and 0.3 - 1 cm.

application field. The aggregate:

  • used as fill material for reinforced concrete products and structures;
  • widely used in civil construction;
  • when creating the coverings and the bases of the platforms, as well as pedestrian roads.

Granite crushed stone

non-metallic building material extracted from solid rock (frozen magma, solid rock) that is at great depth.

This type of gravel is 6 factions: 7 - 12cm, 4 - 7cm, 2 - 4cm, 5 - 20 mm 5 - 10 mm, up to 0.5 see the Most demand in the market is granite crushed stone 5 - 20mm, used in the manufacture of asphalt and concrete.

application field. This crushed stone is used in:

  • the creation of reinforced concrete structures;
  • the construction of the grounds of the railway tracks and roads;
  • the construction of sidewalks and playgrounds.

crushed stone

This material is obtained by recycling of construction waste. It is produced by similar technology as other varieties of material. Its main advantages are the low price, but the main characteristics (strength and frost resistance) it is inferior to natural varieties of rubble.

application field. It is widely used for strengthening of weak soils in road construction and as concrete aggregate.



Before you buy gravel, you need to choose the specific kind of building material that is suitable for your purposes, and ask the vendor a certificate of quality to it.

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