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How to make the stove?

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the Desire to provide warmth and comfort at home, at work or in the back room looks quite natural. However, in the current economic crisis, has forced to seek other ways of heating, rather than this one, but too much expensive gas. This is especially true of outbuildings, such as garages, workshops, etc., in homemade esthetics is clearly unnecessary. Therefore, to spend enormous money on organizing a full-fledged water heating at least unwise. The solution is to install simple heaters solid fuel, which is popularly often called sticking. Moreover, they can be not so difficult to do it yourself, for example, based on the recommendations of the site: .


What car?

Fireplaces or traditional masonry (brick) oven is used in virtually every home heating and cooking until the second half of the last century, when it began to infiltrate massively centralized heating system. However, to build a furnace in each room where you have to be not merely unwise, but also expensive. The solution was the creation and widespread use of compact metal heaters, popularly known as potbelly stoves. Such furnaces have relatively simple design and is made entirely of metal. This approach has enabled their widespread artisanal production. The stove in the process, quickly gaining the temperatures needed for space heating, can be used for cooking, but requires constant monitoring. First, the structure itself is a fire hazard, and secondly, it cools down very quickly, if the furnace is terminated.


what to make of the stove?

constructive In respect of any such furnace is a tank, loading and firing, connected with the chimney. For periodic podroski of firewood or other fuels, requires the organization of doors that you can close and open as needed. Similar doors, located just below, are used to periodically remove ash from under the grate. The last mainly is made of cast iron with standard size, and without any problems can be found in shops. As for the body of the stove, it can be done, for example, from blanks of sheet metal by welding. To enhance / ensure the total hardness that can be further welded standard corners on the walls.
you Can also use decommissioned or used round metal barrels or cylinders in which it will be necessary to cut holes under doors, the chimney, and weld the legs, hinges, latches, etc. of the chimney, usually used standard tubes with a diameter of 180 mm.

to Improve the overall efficiency of the stove by the brick buildings of the screen around the side walls and the chimney. Between the masonry and the walls is ensured by the gap, resulting in organized natural air heating by convection. In addition, the brick being warmed up emits more heat longer than the stove itself.

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