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Counter Strike is perhaps one of the most popular multiplayer computer games over the last 15 years. This "shooter" in the literal sense of the word penetrated the minds of millions of gamers of all ages around the world. You ask what is the secret of such popularity? The answer here is very simple, Counter Strike is a game that is different from other gripping storyline and its dynamism. The plot it very simple, but quite fascinating: all players divided into 2 teams (terrorists and special forces). Each team has its own Arsenal of weapons, and they perform specific tasks. Game sivla in 1999. In all there were 5 versions of this game, the most popular of which was 1.6. By the way, a popular distribution can be downloaded from the website: ya-cs.ru.


the Mission of terrorists and special forces

the Main tasks of the special forces are clearing bombs and freeing hostages held by terrorists at their base. The mission can be performed depending on the type of card on which there is fighting. For example:

  • on a map with cs_ prefix the SWAT team must free the hostages from the lair of the terrorists.
  • on the map with a prefix of de_ a SWAT team must defuse the bomb by the terrorists
  • on the map with the prefix as_ a SWAT team must accompany the zone to rescue the VIP.

the Main objectives of terrorists are:

  • hostage-taking
  • mining buildings;
  • complete liquidation of commandos.

the team that wins the individual round as a reward gets the money you can spend on purchasing of equipment, new weapons and grenades.


Characters Counter-Strike

the creators of the game for each team came up with a few types of characters that look different from each other. And it has a logical explanation: all military operations are constantly conducted on different maps (one round you play in the Sands on the map de_dust2 (where it is best to choose a camouflage sand camouflage), the other probably will happen on a snowy map de_survivor (where ideal would be winter camouflage camouflage).

Playing for the terrorists you can choose characters such as:

  • Elite Crew - this soldier of the group of terrorists from the Middle East;
  • Phoenix Faction is a fighter of terrorists from Eastern Europe;
  • Guerilla Warfare - is a fighter of a subversive group from Spain;
  • Arctic Avengers is a terrorist group fighter from Sweden.

Playing for commandos you can choose characters such as:

  • GSG-9 is a fighter group protecting the borders from Germany;
  • Seal Team 6 is fighter combat marine special rapid deployment teams from the U.S.;
  • GIGN is the fighter of the group intervention of the national gendarmerie of France;
  • Special Air Service (SAS) is a soldier of special air service from Britain.

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